Linda Francis Lee~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Emily and Einstein

Linda Francis Lee

St. Martin's Press

Mass Market

978 0312382186



Sandy Portman certainly provided well for his wife Emily.  As far as being a good husband, he left a lot to be desired.  On the night he was meeting her at a New York restaurant to tell her he wanted a divorce, he was hit by a car, and died…well, sort of.  He was actually turned into a dog by a mysterious old man/angel.  It just so happened that Emily volunteered at the clinic where the dog was taken in.  She named him Einstein and ended up adopting him because she felt a special connection. 

As Sandy comes to grips with the loss of her husband and the reality of the kind of man he truly was, her irresponsible sister shows up and wants Emily to help her get a book about their mother published.  The stress starts to eat Emily up, and the ghost puts Einstein/Sandy to work by telling him that the only way he can move on is to get to know his wife for who she really is and help her through this difficult time.  For once, Einstein/Sandy must think about someone other than himself. And along the way, he falls in love and must make the biggest sacrifice of all, to let her go.

I was skeptical about the idea of a man living as a dog at first.  But I was compelled to keep reading.  There is a great moral at the end, making what I thought would be a light‑hearted novel, a really emotional and wonderful book.

Rhonda Larson