Lauren Willig

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The Mischief of the Mistletoe
Lauren Willig
DuttonTrade Paperback
     Arabella Dempsey has not had the best of years. After the shock of discovering her beau is about to marry the (old) aunt she was companion to, losing her “heiress” status (thanks to that same marriage) and returning to near poverty, she finds herself working as an instructor in a girls school. Just as she settles in and accepts her newfound and unmarriageable status, Reginald “Turnip” Fitzhugh barrels into her life  (literally) and the mystery of the Christmas pudding is born. Who would have guessed the stunningly handsome but hopelessly bumbling man could turn a girl’s life upside down and her heart inside out!

     This book is at times silly, hilarious, tons of fun and an absolute delight to read. Willig has written the book with the same sweet bumbling flair that Turnip’s personality is known for. At times the witty dialogue is as hair-brained as the workings of Turnip’s mind. Even as one shakes their head to get back to the plot, they cannot help but fall absolutely in love with this sweet, kind couple as they blunder into, then work to uncover a deadly threat to both their lives and England. 

TJ MacKay