Laura Wright~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Eternal Kiss

Laura Wright

Signet Eclipse Mass Market



     Eternal Kiss is the second book in the contemporary paranormal series, "Mark of the Vampire."

     Purebred vampires, Nicholas Roman and Kate Everborne, both have painful pasts and uncertain futures. Nicholas wants only to protect his younger brother Lucian from the fate of becoming the Breeding Male, a creature who lives only to breed and to feed. Kate is a convict in the last months of a ten-year sentence in the vampire prison for murder.  A promise to a dying purebred mother to take her son to his father leads her to the dubious safety of Nicholas Roman.  Nicholas has no qualms against using Kate to draw in their mutual enemy, the ruthless Impure (half‑human/half‑vampire) Ethan Dare, who has declared war on the purebreds.  Both hardened by life, neither Nicholas nor Kate expect to feel such a blistering attraction and powerful feelings for each other.

     Eternal Kiss is not especially novel in the genre of paranormal romance. However, the hot sexual tension between Nick and Kate and their struggles with inner demons make for an exciting read.  With spicy love scenes and explicit language and violence, this is a gritty read.  Fans of paranormal and vampire romance should enjoy this one.

Danielle Hill