Kimberly Frost ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Halfway Hexed (A Southern Witch Novel)  

Kimberly Frost 


Trade Paperback 




It has only been a few weeks since Tammy Jo developed magical abilities. But what a few weeks they've been! She has come close to being killed several times. She has had to kill to defend herself several times. Now things have settled down. Ha!  Little does she know.

Bryn is a local warlock who's in love with Tammy Jo. He would like nothing better than to bind her to him. Then they can share their magic, their lives and, oh yeah, a bed. But there are some things that need to be resolved first--the family prophesy that forbids Tammy Jo from associating with Bryn.  No one remembers the details, just that if she does, bad things will happen. Tammy Jo is so in love that she's thinking of saying to heck with prophesy. Before she gets totally swept away, she is kidnapped--twice. The leaders of the magical world are investigating her, and the ten Biblical plagues are being visited on her hometown. Can one untrained witch prevail against all of these catastrophes? Tammy Jo doesn't know, but she's fixin' to find out.

     This is a continuation of a fun series. It can be read alone. But the books are so jam‑packed with action that the reader would be well advised to read the others first. It's a really good book. 

Sheila Griffin