K.I.L Kenny~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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K.I.L Kenny






Spending a last autumn at his grandfather's farm, Alex intends to sell the property and move on.  But then he finds a water spirit (christened 'Jordan' by Alex's grandfather) living in the cow pond, and in a process of terror and fascination, falls in love with him.  However, Jordan is a river spirit, left behind from the days when the pond was part of a larger watercourse, and he fears he is dying now that he's cut off from the stream.  Alex must figure out a way to save him, even if it means setting him free and never seeing him again.

I cannot find anything bad to say about this book.  The writing is smooth and powerful, the plot is expertly made, and Alex’s terrible dilemma--to lose his love in the process of saving him-- is moving as hell. And what delighted me most was that the author took the strangeness and inhumanity of her water spirit seriously.  She didn't treat it as a cheap road to extra beauty and superpowers.  You never doubted that Jordan was something strange and marvelous that had to be saved, so you shared completely in Alex's dilemma.  Wonderful, in all senses of the word!