Julianne MacLean~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Seduced by the Highlander

Julianne MacLean

St. Martin's

Mass Market




Lady Catherine was born an heiress and lived a life of luxury; at least that is what people tell her.  Catherine has no memories of her life since someone found her trembling in a stable in Italy.  Although most insist it doesn't matter, she can't accept what she has no knowledge of and feels like an impostor caught in another's body.  While quietly searching for a ways to remember, Catherine meets an incredibly handsome, but enraged, stranger who calls her a witch and attempts to dispatch revenge for something of which she has no knowledge.

Lachlan MacDonald has finally found the vindictive witch who cursed him, and he is determined to make her pay.  He refuses to believe she is not who he says even though her actions prove otherwise. The problem is, he cannot kill her before she lifts the curse, and she refuses unless he helps her regain her memory.

Ms. MacLean just keeps getting better and better. In this installment of her "Highlander" series, she writes a story that one cannot guess the next page yet can't put down without finding the answers!  While plots that center around amnesia instantly question believability, the writing is so captivating that the reader forgets to be annoyed and, instead, is lost in the fiery yet passionate relationship that is Catherine and Lachlan.

TJ MacKay