Jaymie Holland~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Claimed by Pleasure

Jaymie Holland


Trade Paperback




King Darronn, one of four weretiger brothers of the Tarok clan, thought about how his sister Mikaela could betray their family the way she had. Each brother had been made king of his portion of the realm, but Darronn's twin brother, older by only a few hours, had been named High King of the Realm, as should be. Mikaela thought Darronn should have been named High King and had used black sorcery to prevent the women of the realm from conceiving. Then the High King and Queen Alice had produced perfect twin werecubs, and Darronn thought the curse had been lifted. When no other children were conceived, Darronn knew Mikaela and her mate had reasserted their evil menace. To protect the kingdom, Darronn had to mate and conceive with his future queen. But first he had to find her.

Alexi O'Brien would never give up looking for her twin sister Alice. She had mysteriously disappeared without a trace a year ago, and although the case had gone cold, Alexi vowed never to give up. Even the "twin" connection that they once had had been severed. It was like Alice had just vanished into thin air. Alexi was concentrating so hard on finding Alice that she even quit cruising bars for that certain man who could fulfill her bondage fantasies. She had yet to find anyone that she felt she could trust with her innermost secret, but her search had to take a back seat until she found Alice. Then one day she came home to her apartment and found a strange mirror in her bedroom with a bluish glow coming from it. When she approached the mirror, she was suddenly sucked through the glass! And when she woke up, she was tied spread‑eagled on the ground with a very large, gorgeous man standing over her. 

     Claimed by Pleasure is one hot book with some seriously sizzling sex scenes. King Darronn is used to having his way without question, and, though a gentle man by nature, sees nothing wrong with using a strap or other means to get his point across. Alexi is a woman on a mission, and she's not about to let some overbearing giant of a king tell her what to do, even if it turns her on. Needless to say, they have many conflicts to overcome, but their journey, while coming to terms with each other, fighting off Mikaela's dark sorcery and hunting for Alexi's sister is one you won't want to miss.

Lani Roberts


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