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When a Duke Says I Do

Jane Goodger


Mass Market




Elsie Huntington has lived a very secluded and lonely life after the deaths of her sister and mother. Although blessed with a doting father, Elsie's life seems horribly dull until she meets the handsome but mute artist's assistant commissioned to paint her grand ballroom mural. Elsie soon discovers, however, that Alexander is not what he seems.

After his father, the Duke of Kingston, abandoned him to an asylum, Alexander Wilkinson gave up any hope of a happy life.  It was only through the kindness of the curator that he escaped to become an artist's apprentice, traveling and learning to express in pictures what he could not in speech.  He had accepted his life until the night Elsie entered it.  Never before has he let himself dream of love.  It is an impossible dream; one Alexander will have to move mountains--and a dukedom--to obtain.

When A Duke Says I Do is a wonderful, moving, delicacy of a romance! This story is beautifully written with the story flowing flawlessly.  The romance is allowed to grow from friendship to attraction to true and deep love, granting the reader a believability seldom accomplished in romance today.  That's why Elsie's decision to marry rang false after her deep and impassioned promises, providing the only glitch in an otherwise pitch‑perfect romance. Bravo, Ms. Goodger!

TJ Mackay


A Christmas Scandal
Jane Goodger
Zebra Mass Market
ISBN 978-1420103793

     Margaret Pierce was on the verge of becoming engaged to a man she did not love. She knew she was lucky that anyone wanted her considering the fact that her father was on his way to prison. Unfortunately, for all concerned, the proposal was not to be. They would end up destitute. A blessed reprieve arrived by an invitation to England.
Lord Edward Hollings was not happy when he learned Miss Pierce was coming to England. He had failed miserably at attempting to forget the feisty American; having her under the same roof would be an ordeal.
An enchanting story of two people who long for each other, Ms. Goodger has once again stolen the hearts of her readers, consistently bringing an exquisite page-turner for all to enjoy.

Lauren Calder


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