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Shatner Rules

Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse And the World at Large

William Shatner with Chris Regan




William Shatner is an icon who is recognizable and has come a long way since he played Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek. He is an award‑winning actor, director, producer, writer, recording artist, and an avid equestrian. Then there is Bill, who says, "he is a normal guy”, quite laid back, and not like the characters he has portrayed.

Shatner Rules is the latest book written by William Shatner and one of nearly 30 fiction and non‑fiction titles, including his autobiography, Up Till Now, a New York Times best seller. Chris Regan, an Emmy Award‑winning comedy writer is the co‑author.

William Shatner just turned 80 years old this year. His new book shares his long career from the very early years up to his now being famous for the "Priceline Negotiator." Recently, Mr. Shatner had the honor of providing the wakeup call for the final voyage of the Space Shuttle Discovery. This was a moving experience for him to be able to send the astronauts off on their last mission while the theme for Star Trek played on. How fitting for a man who was involved with NASA in his early years.

Shatner admits he was broke at the age of 40, but now he is doing very well financially. Currently on the Biography Channel, he hosts and produces the show Aftermath where he interviews guilty people who have done wrong, telling their side of the story. His other show called Raw Nerve, features guests who are comedians and stars. Both endeavors have become quite successful.

Mr. Shatner is an avid horse rider and breeder of Saddlebreds, a unique breed that came out of Kentucky 200 years ago. For over 20 years, he has organized the Hollywood Charity Horse Show. He would not give up acting for horses because what he earns pays for his horses; Shatner does this for fun and never considers having horses a job.

There are some things you know about William Shatner and some things you may not know about him. He was born in Montreal and started acting at age six. When acting, he never uses understudies, does all his own camera rehearsals, and is never late. The only money he has ever made is by acting. He loves music; that has always been a part of his life. His latest album is Black Sabbath's Iron Man. There are conventions held all over the world where Star Trek organizers hold shows and come in costume. Shatner appears for question and answer sessions.

Shatner Rules is a book you will enjoy and is jam‑packed hilariously funny. You will find out who his best friends are and all the movies in which he has starred. A 5‑star read by a great storyteller!

Clark Isaacs