Anne Mallory~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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In Total Surrender

Anne Mallory


Mass Market




Andreas Merrick's life has had only one purpose for a long time‑‑revenge. He has made some vicious and determined enemies and has endured multiple assassination attempts. Interacting with others is not something he does well; so when Phoebe Pace approaches him for help, his first frantic thought is to make sure she goes away. Having her near only intensifies his inconvenient lust for her, and he can't bear to need anyone.

Phoebe urgently needs Andreas' help to save her father's business. She insinuates herself into every facet of his existence, driving him mad with her allure and her baking. But while he tells anyone, including Phoebe, that he wants her gone, in his unacknowledged core he wants her near and protected. This is despite the fact that he once had every intention of ruining her father's business and tearing down the whole family with it, all in the name of revenge.

Anne Mallory's latest is a sequel, and while it's sometimes murky passages may be clearer to those who read the prior novel (One Night is Never Enough), readers will still eagerly turn its pages. Her writing style is something special, taking a dark and intense story and giving it a sometimes comedic spin.

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