Zoe Archer~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Rebel (The Blades of The Rose)

Zoe Archer


Mass Market  




Astrid and her husband protected the world's magic from the Heirs of Albion. These unscrupulous men believe that all magic should belong to England. With it, England will rule the world, with the Heirs at the helm, of course. Astrid and Michael fought side by side until the day the Heirs killed him. In her grief, Astrid fled to the solitude of the Northwest Territory.

   Nathan was born in the Indian world, raised in the white man's world and isn't welcome in either. While in the Northwest Territory on business, Nathan meets Astrid and is drawn to her. The Heirs kidnap Nathan. He wakes up in Astrid's cabin covered in blood. She tells him that he turned into a wolf and freed himself. He doesn't believe her. Then he is attacked and, again, turns into a wolf. He reluctantly accepts that he is a shapeshifter. For the first time in his life, he feels at home in his skin. Now he and Astrid must reach the magic relics hidden in the mountains before the Heirs get to them. If they fail, it will be catastrophic for the whole world. As they travel, Astrid finds herself falling in love again.

This is a continuation of an historical paranormal series that can be read alone. This story, set in 1875, is much better than the previous book. 

Sheila Griffin