Susan Squires~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Mists of Time

Susan Squires

St. Martin's

Mass Market




Diana is a romance writer.  She's writing about Camelot, but she's got writer's block. One day a stranger gives her an old book.  Supposedly, it was written by Leonardo Da Vinci. It tells where to find the time machine that he built.  Diana feels compelled to check it out.  She feels silly but, hopefully, once she looks she can get back to the novel she's working on.

To Diana's amazement, the machine is right where the book said it would be.  She immediately sets course for Camelot, but instead of finding herself in the glory days of the round table, Diana arrives to see Camelot in ruins.  Diana can hear soldiers approaching just as a wounded man runs out of the woods  Afraid, Diana decides to return to her own time.  Fearing that the wounded man will be killed, she urges him to come with her. Big mistake!

Back in her own time, Diana meets the man who has been following her.  She finds out that he's Merlin's son, Gawain, sent forward in time to protect her.  But protect her from what?  The stranger she brought back with her: Mordred, the murderer of King Arthur. Mordred plans to take over the world.  Diana and Gawain plan to stop him. 

This is a continuation of a series that can be read alone. It's a good book with a fresh, innovative plot.

Sheila Griffin