Rebecca York~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Day of the Dragon

Rebecca York

Berkley Sensation

Mass Market  




Ramsey is a dragon shifter who can't shift. Madison is an archeologist. She has discovered cave drawings that show men changing into dragons.  She has also found an artifact that transforms from a man into a dragon. She plans to present her findings at a conference. Ramsey plans to be there. His plans work out, but hers do not. The excavation site is attacked. Fearing for her workers, Madison cancels her presentation. Two thugs try to kidnap her, but Ramsey rescues her. He uses his mental powers to read the information about the draongmen from her mind. He is determined to find out more.  Ramsey also uses his mental powers to convince Madison that she is only safe with him. He takes her to his home. Pursuers follow. They fly to her benefactor's home. Pursuers follow. No matter where they go, they are pursued. Is someone tipping them off about the couple's travel plans? Is one of Madison trusted colleagues really a spy? As Ramsey and Madison continually flee or fight, they fall in love. But Ramsey is afraid to tell Madison his secret. Will she still love him if she knows that he is a dragon shifter who must drink blood to survive?

This is a continuation of a series that can be read alone. It is a good book that is both interesting and sexy.

Sheila Griffin



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