Morgan Hawke~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Morgan Hawke
Kensington Trade Paperback

      A ride on the Orient Express is an exciting way to travel for art student and avid romance reader, Elaine. But she never expected this train trip to bring as much excitement as it did when the breathtaking stranger Aramis abruptly appeared in her train car, desiring her company. Elaine's rail ride adventure evolves into an exhilarating journey worthy of the romance novels she reads.
     Insatiable is a very fast moving story that throws the reader straight into a sexual excursion with vampires that can take your breath away with just their very presence. Author Morgan Hawke has brought to life a sexually erotic, paranormal read that will have you hot for more, whetting your appetite with every page.

Melody Prater