Lila DiPasqua~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Princess in His Bed
Lila DiPasqua
BerkleyTrade Paperback
     A fairy tale has never been as much fun as the three tales you are about to experience.
     In "The Marquis' New Clothing," Aimee de Miran needs to retrieve a jeweled ring that was slipped into the pocket of the Marquis de Nattes by her cousin to hide it. Aimee set out thinking it would be a simple task, but it proved to be very complicated. The Marquis has a vast new wardrobe that she must search; also she finds him to be a very handsome and seductive man that keeps her occupied.
     In "The Lovely Duckling," Joseph d'Alumbert led a very carnal life with no attachments until he found himself intrigued with sharp-witted Emile de Sarron. A woman scarred by burns to her body as a child, she hides her body and heart from all. Joseph is determined to show her one heated touch at a time that she is beautiful and not an ugly duckling.
     In "The Princess and the Diamonds," Princess Gabrielle has set out on a mission with royal diamonds she can't lose. She finds herself without sleep due to the hard-bodied man in her bed and the diamonds under her mattress.  Which is more at stake to lose? The royal diamonds or her heart to the Marquis de Montfront?
     Lila DiPasqua has brought us three very mature and erotic fairy tales and takes the words "fairy tales" to a whole new level, a level that is hot, erotic, and filled with sexual passion. These mature fairy tales are filled with enough heat to keep you withering in your seat; stories that meet your mature needs and are a must read.
Melody Prater