Kathryn Caskie~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Duke's Night of Sin
Kathryn Caskie
Mass Market

      The Sinclair siblings are known collectively as the Seven Deadly Sins, and one by one they are trying to redeem themselves in their exacting father's eyes so they can return to the family fold‑‑and have access to the family coffers. Siusan Sinclair prays that one day she will achieve that dream, but tonight she is awash with grief over the one‑year anniversary of her fiancé’s death. While at a ball, she retreats to the library where a man finds her, and the passion they share momentarily blots out her pain. Once it's over, however, Siusan realizes she must flee to save the family honor.
      Her library liaison is Sebastian Beaufort, the new Duke of Exeter, and he has his own issues with family honor. He searches for his mysterious lover, but soon has to admit defeat. Then he has to go to Bath to rescue his vulnerable ward from a teacher who is giving her dangerous ideas. Little does he know that in Bath, the entrancing "Miss Bonnet" is the lady he seeks.
      This third tale in Caskie's "Seven Deadly Sins" series is well written and moving. Siusan's sin is Sloth, which could make her unsympathetic in less clever hands than Kathryn Caskie's, but readers will enjoy her character. A most enjoyable read!

Heather Nordahl Files



The Most Wicked of Sins
Kathryn Caskie
Avon Mass Market Paperback
ISBN 978-0061491016

      Lady Ivy Sinclair, by command from her father, had one month to get Lord Tinsdale to offer marriage. When Tinsdale’s interests began to sway toward Fiona Feeney, Lady Ivy decided she was going to have to do something drastic. Hiring an actor to play the part of the Marquess of Counterton, Lady Ivy plans to manipulate Miss Feeney and Lord Tinsdale to bend to her wishes.
Dominic Sheridan did not know what to make of the lady who kissed him and in dark and then hired him to play a marquess. When he attempted to tell Lady Ivy who he was, she had stopped him, not wanting to put herself into a situation where she could possibly make a vital mistake. Her plan was going quite well, until she realized she was in love and not with Tinsdale.
A delicious page-turner that grabs the reader and holds tight, Ms. Caskie has a way with her characters that make them so very real.

Lauren Calder