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The Pirate:  The Savage Seven

Katherine Garbera


Trade Paperback




As Daphne Bennett walked along the railing of the deck of the oil tanker, she suddenly had a feeling of total unreality. Had it only been a few months ago that she was the wife of a prominent Senator, enjoying her life in the affluent suburbs of Washington, D.C., her medical practice on hold?  Now, after the betrayal and ensuing divorce, here she was on her way to Somalia with Doctors Across Waters, on the Maersk Angus, captained by Captain Lazarus, an American with a deep, rich voice that sent ripples up her nerve endings. She'd been divorced now for over two years and had dated some, but she had never met anyone in her circle like Laz. There was an aura of danger around him, but a gentleness and "lost soul" look about him when he thought no one was looking. Who exactly was this Captain Lazarus? Daphne had a feeling there was more to the man than met the eye.

J.P. "Laz" Lazarus was perfectly at home with this latest mission. He was a member of the Savage Seven, an international private security company that provided unique protection and security.  He had grown up on the Florida coast. Water was his second home. Laz had been undercover as an oil tanker captain assigned to stop the Somalian pirates preying on the cargo and passenger ships in the area when he had received an emergency request to transport the Doctors Across Waters group to Somalia. Now, not only does he have civilians to worry about, but to make matters worse, one of them is the ex‑wife of a high‑ranking American politician--perfect pirate ransom. Now the mission plan of using his tanker as bait to lure the bloodthirsty, deadly, pirate Samatan out into the open, didn't seem like such a good idea. He knew the rest of the Savage Seven were out there waiting and that would normally be enough, but this time there was much more at stake.

Katherine Garbera's latest addition to her "Savage Seven" series is just as fast‑paced, sexy and thrilling as her previous, and even more dangerous! Her attention to detail about the missions and her gentle, warrior heroes and equally brave women make this a book you'll want to read over and over.

Lani Roberts


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