Kasey Michaels~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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How to Wed a Baron
Kasey Michaels
HQNMass Market

      Years ago, Justin Wilde killed a man in a duel. The resulting scandal forced him to live overseas where he worked as an assassin for the crown. Now he finally has a royal pardon within his grasp.  All he has to do beyond putting fifty thousand pounds into the Prince Regent's coffers is to marry Lady Alina Valentin, a lady from Bohemia with Romany and English blood. A failed first marriage soured him on the notion of happy‑ever‑after, but his first sight of the lady takes his breath away.
     Alina's life has been difficult lately because of her aging aunt's jealousy of her beauty. Now Alina hopes for a biddable husband, but Justin is anything but easily controlled.  There's something she doesn't know‑‑her life is in danger, and Justin is meant to kill the man behind the attempts on her life. Justin doesn't want to kill anyone any more, and he burns his bridges with the Prince Regent and decides not to marry Alina after all, as she deserves better than a man with so much blood on his hands. Instead he moves her between the estates of his friends to keep her safe. But from coach to gypsy caravan, he discovers he cannot always control events, especially his new bride.
     This latest tale in the "Daughtry Family" series features the delicious Justin Wilde, who meets his match in a tale that will have readers eagerly turning the pages. New readers will not be lost, but veterans of the series will enjoy it the most. Kasey Michaels displays her skills with a real feel for the Regency, emotional scenes, humor, and some of the best dialogue you'll see all year.

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