Karen Kelley~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Wolf Prince

Karen Kelley


Trade Paperback   




     Darcy Spencer had wanted to be a private investigator most of her adult life. But being a trust‑fund baby meant that she was sent to all the best schools to obtain her degree in how to be a

trophy wife and socialite. The very thought gave Darcy the shivers, but she didn't have the guts to go against her mother's wishes openly. Darcy was adopted, had never felt before her

adoption like she really belonged.  When her parents (mother) expected her to do the "right" things, Darcy would do them mostly out of gratitude. She had quietly taken her P.I. courses

online and gotten her degree without their knowledge. Now her parents were coming home and Darcy desperately needed to produce the boyfriend she had been telling them about.

Prince Surlock knew he had been sent to Earth on a vital mission; he just couldn't remember what it was or, for that matter, who he was. He remembered landing and hiding his ship in some dense woods, then shifting into his wolf guide to explore the area. He had stepped out from behind a tree as the wolf and had frightened a young woman jogging through the area. When she screamed, he stepped back behind the tree and shifted into a naked man and stepped back out to insure her he meant her no harm. Then she had shrieked again and hit him in the head with a large log. When he woke up, he was in bed in a strange house, being taken care of by a strange man, and the scared woman was standing over him wringing her hands. Other than that, everything was a blank.

Karen Kelley continues her paranormal romance series with The Wolf Prince in her typically humorous style. Poor Prince Surlock has his memory clobbered out of him just as he lands on earth to find Darcy Spencer. Darcy's filthy rich but sort of a misfit, and she hires Surlock to pretend to be her boyfriend for her parents' sake. Surlock remembers and understands duty to parents; he just doesn't understand human customs. Darcy's attempts at humanizing him and turning him into acceptable boyfriend material are hilarious. This is part of a series, but stands very well alone.  This is a book you will want to read again and again.

Lani Roberts