Jessica Trapp~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Jessica Trapp
Zebra Mass Market

      Lady Gwyneth of Windrose, escaping temporarily into the woods, came upon Irma, a young peasant girl being raped. Determined to save the girl, Lady Gwyneth attacked the man, unintentionally killing him. Three years have gone by since they dumped the body into the river, and Irma can no longer avoid marriage. Lady Gwyneth and Irma concoct a solution‑‑find a peasant of Gwyneth's choosing, marry him, and pay him off.
     Jared St John was furious when he awakened from a drugged sleep, bound and gagged, and being led to the altar. He was being forced to marry. For three years, he had been imprisoned for a murder he did not commit. Being forced into a marriage he did not want was not on his agenda. He had escaped prison to find his brother's murderer, and nothing was going to stop him.Ms. Trapp snags the reader with her skilled and intriguing writing style, creating a passionate treasure that will evoke conflicting emotions, wit, and humor.
Lauren Calder