Jane Feather~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Rushed to the Altar

Jane Feather


Mass Market




Jasper Sullivan, Earl of Blackwater, is on the horns of a bizarre dilemma. His rich uncle claims to be dying and wants Jasper and his brothers to marry before he will put them in his will. But they can't marry just anyone: His uncle has renewed his faith (or so he says), so he has decided that any prospective bride must be a prostitute rescued from that life by her bridegroom. Without this money they will be paupers, so Jasper will submit to these terms and look for a suitable candidate. He is delighted when a lovely redhead crashes into him in Covent Garden. Once it is confirmed that she lives in a brothel, he knows he has found his bride.

Clarissa Astley is not what she seems. She lodges in a brothel but is not a prostitute. Her father recently died, leaving her villainous uncle Luke as guardian to her and her brother Francis. Francis recently disappeared, and Clarissa discovers, to her horror, that he is at a baby farm where he is expected to die so Luke can inherit his brother's money. Clarissa must rescue her brother at all costs, so she decides that pretending to be a prostitute is reasonable to gain the protection of an earl. But he must never learn that she's an innocent virgin.

Jane Feather launches a new trilogy with this tale set in 1761. Readers looking for a fresh era in a familiar setting should look no further. But be warned: while not at all graphic, the scenes in the baby farm could make a hardened soul weep.

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