James Becker~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Messiah Secret
James Becker
Signet SelectMass Market

      The third book in the series featuring Detective Chris Bronson and his archeologist ex‑wife Angela finds her deep in the English countryside in her capacity as museum curator cataloging an estate.  Among the trash and treasures, she finds an old wooden crate full of sealed pottery jars packed in straw.  In one of the jars Angela finds an ancient scroll that appears to reveal the final resting place of the Messiah.  Intrigued, Angela, with Bronson in tow, embarks on an adventure to authenticate the existence of this treasure and find themselves in a race with ruthless and fanatical competition that make the journey all the more difficult and dangerous.
     With the competition closing in and determined that the couple not survive, they might find that this treasure is much more than they could have expected.
     Becker certainly knows how to weave a good story that keeps the reader turning pages and on the edge of their seats trying to guess what happens next and never being quite sure where he is going with the story.  I have not read the previous installments, but this one did quite well as a stand alone, and I highly recommend this one to the lover of a good mystery and thriller.

Inez Daylong