C.M. Palov~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Templar's Code
C.M. Palov
BerkleyTrade Paperback

      At the end of a lecture, former MI5 intelligence officer/historian turned author, Caedmon Aisquith, and his research assistant/girlfriend/photographer Edie Miller are approached by archeologist Dr. Jason Lovett with a story that entails the early 14th century Knights of the Templar and their treasure known as the Emerald Tablet.  Legend has it the treasure was brought to the then undiscovered New World. Lovett intends to enlist Aisquith and his girl's help to decipher Templar symbols he found near an unmarked mass grave.  Before he can go into further detail, Lovett is murdered right in front of the couple.  As he is dying, he attempts to convey a message to Edie and failing that, gives her a digital recorder.
     Taking the recording, they embark on a mission in search of this treasure while being shadowed by a mysterious assassin who kills anyone they come in contact with for help.
     This was a tense thrill ride of a novel with great mystery and a rich and varied cast of characters and mass of locations.  Second in this series by this author, this novel, nonetheless, does a great job of standing alone.  I would still recommend reading the first in the series, as that, too, is a great story and does do a great job of setting up for this novel.
Inez Daylong