Claire Delacroix~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Claire Delacroix


Mass Market




Armand and Baruch are angels, but gave up their wings to help humanity. The only way they can regain them is to kill Maximilian Blackstone, the front‑running presidential candidate. Armand doesn't understand, but he has faith. They are on their way to fulfill their destiny when Baruch is shot.

Theodora is an assassin.  When Baruch interferes with her assignment, she shoots him, but he is later captured by scientists who plan to experiment on him. Armand grabs Theodora before she can escape and tells her if he kills Blackstone, angels will free Baruch. Armand tells Theodora that he will let her go if she will help him complete his mission. She agrees, but in reality she plans on escaping as soon as she can.

Armand claims to be an angel, but Theodora doesn't believe him. As they plan the assassination, she realizes that Armand is a completely unselfish person. Armand discovers that Theodora has a very good reason for choosing her profession. They soon find themselves falling in love. At every turn, Theodora and Armand face the possibility of death. But even if they live long enough to kill Blackstone, his death will result in Armand regaining his wings and returning to Heaven. Theodora will be alone again.

This is the continuation of a series that can be read alone. It is a very good book with an interesting plot.

Sheila Griffin