Boyd Morrison~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Rogue Wave

Boyd Morrison

Pocket Books

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A tsunami disaster hits the Hawaiian Islands. Kai Tanaka is the head of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.  He gets a report that says Easter Island had an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6. There is no need to call up a tsunami warning, but that island's tsunami warning detector has stopped working.

Tanaka isn't worried, at first, because Easter Island has frequent power shortages.  But as he investigates the situation, he discovers that all communication on the island has stopped. There are 3200 people, but no radio signals. The reason is that the island isn't there any more.  There was a meteor shower made up of small fragments, except for one really huge piece that made an explosion 15 miles across when it hit the ocean.  The wave it created was only about three feet high, but it went all the way down to the ocean floor.  Now it will reach the Hawaiian Islands in about an hour, rise to its full height on dry land, and destroy everything in the way.  Kai must warn the people and save himself and his team at the same time.

One unusual device the author uses is the way he labels his chapters to create more tension in the story.  For example, Chapter 13 reads, "10:05 AM, 1 hour 17 minutes to wave arrival time."  Chapter 14 reads, "10:07 AM, 1 hour 15 minutes....” The event will be over almost as soon as it begins, but a lot can happen in just a couple of minutes. Tsunamis are tidal waves, and Morrison really did his research before writing this book.  Michael Crichton is the only other author this reviewer has read who put so much factual knowledge into a fictitious story.  You might want to read State of Fear by Crichton, which is also about tsunamis.

Paul Zunini