Bianca D'Arc~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Darker Shade of Dead

Bianca D'Arc


Trade Paperback 




Dr. Sandra McCormick knew she was in a pickle of bigger proportions than even she could imagine. One day she was part of a team of scientists working on an experimental procedure to promote super healing. The next thing, she's on night duty at the morgue with the dead soldiers who had given their bodies to science and had been injected with the serum to try and cure them, but to no avail. Those soldiers had turned into zombies, had come after her and Dr. McCormick panicked, left the doors to the lab open and let the first set of zombies out into the public. She had been working on a cure on her own ever since, but in her mind there was no atonement for what she had done, and she had told no one. Now she had been recruited by the military to help find a cure for the zombie problem, while, at the same time, one of the original team doctors was trying to get her to work with him to create more zombies.

            Commander Matt Sykes was one of the few men who was immune to the zombies. Their bites didn't affect him like it did other people. They hurt like the dickens, but he wouldn't be turned into a zombie. He had been picked to head up a team of soldiers and scientists to combat the zombie contagion once and for all, and Dr. Sandra McCormick was the last of his team to arrive. She had no combat training, just the medical skills they would need were they to capture one alive. But Matt could tell she was holding something back, and he didn't like that. Her anti‑contagion serum was almost done, and she needed to be protected in order to finish it. Dr. McCormack had guts, and Matt liked that. He was all soldier, a Special Ops Commander who had lost all of his squad to the zombies, and if the good doctor was withholding information that he needed to put an end to this nightmare, he was the person to make her talk.

A Darker Shade of Dead is an action thriller from start to finish. It's part of a continuation series but stands well alone. The reader won't get lost at all with the storyline if you haven't read the first book; the author very skillfully brings the reader up‑to‑par in just a few short chapters. The love that develops between the soldier and the doctor is rather predictable, and the doctor's constant agonizing over her secret gets a little irritating after awhile, but as gruesome as zombies are, this is one love story that works.

Lani Roberts