Beverly Conner~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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One Grave Less
Beverly Conner
Obsidian Mass Market

             Diane Cooper, museum director and crime lab director, was dealing with haunting memories and two injured people at her museum. During the investigation, she found a backpack belonging to the injured woman that contained feathers and a child's bone. As Diane and her colleagues were searching for answers, someone was trying to destroy her reputation.  When a body was found on museum property, they knew it was not just rumors they had to worry about. Diane had to find answers, and the clues all seemed to go back to the massacre in South America. To makes matters worse, someone in South America was using her name and leaving dead bodies in their wake.           
            Ms. Conner has a hit with solid writing, great characters, gripping twists and turns, a keeper for your collection.

Lauren Calder