Addison Fox~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Warrior Avenged:  The Sons of the Zodiac

Addison Fox


Mass Market




Themis, goddess of justice, has appointed Warriors to protect humankind. She's given them the power of their Zodiac signs. Kane is the Scorpio. Nemesis, the goddess responsible for bringing souls to Hades for judgment, hates Themis. She will do anything get back at her. Nemesis meets a man who says that he knows how to punish Themis. He tells her that hurting one of Themis' Warriors will be just like hurting her.

Nemesis assumes a new identity, and a meeting between Ilsa and Kane is arranged. She is supposed to seduce him, knock him out and steal a vial of his blood. What she’s not supposed to do is fall in love. Ilsa is so excited by the idea of hurting Themis that she doesn't question what someone would need a vial of Warrior blood for until it’s too late.

Kane is furious with himself. How can he love someone who made passionate love to him, then left him unconscious?  Six months have gone by with no word from her. Then she shows up like nothing’s wrong. This time he is going to get some answers. He gets answers all right, but not any that he likes.

This book does have graphic sex and vulgar language. It is a continuation of a series that can be read alone. It is considerably better than its predecessor.

Sheila Griffin