The Helping Hand

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Once in a while everyone needs a helping hand. Take a look and see how you can help those in need. Pass the sites around if you would like, send them to your friends and have it circle the world.

National Council on Seniors Drug & Alcohol Rehab:

Health awareness: Addiction Resource raises awareness of the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay drug-free. Or contact to help spread awareness about addiction and the treatment that is available.


Feeding America

Our mission is to feed America's hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger.

Protect-an Acre Program

There a many ways people can help save the rainforests. This program protects the rainforests while helping the indigenous peoples that live in the rainforest. Through the Rainforest Action Network grants are given to help the people own the land they live on. A little money goes a long way. Depending on the area in the rainforest one dollar can purchase up to 20 acres of rainforest.

St. Joseph's Indian School in South Dakota

Lakota children in need escape poverty, abuse
Child poverty and abuse are serious issues on Indian reservations, especially in South Dakota. By partnering with St. Joseph’s Indian School, you help Native American children realize the hope and promise their future can hold. At St. Joseph’s, your friendship allows you to help Lakota (Sioux) children in need regain pride in their heritage, by learning the Lakota language, studying Native American culture, healing their broken family circle and so much more!

Breast Cancer Site Help Fund Mammograms

St. Jude Children's Hospital

Donate for Free

Click on the sites below and you can help those in need. It doesn't cost a thing. Corporate sponsors and advertisers use the daily visits to donate to several causes. Pass them along to people you know.

Save the Rainforests

The Animal Rescue Site

Child Health

The Hunger Site

Thank you


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