Uniquely Yours

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Affaire de Coeur's

Uniquely Yours

Annual Cover Art Contest



Mariah.jpg (300×225)        MoonlightontheShenandoah.jpg (150×225)


AnUnsuitableDuchess.jpg (150×225)    YoursTruly.jpg (150×225)    50Hours.jpg (150×225)


Portence.jpg (150×225)    Imago.jpg (150×225)    MildredinDisguise.jpg (150×225)


LivesCollide.jpg (300×225)       TheseFoolishThings.jpg (150×225)


Patti.jpg (150×225)    AtLast.jpg (150×225)    MyLadyTreasure.jpg (150×225)

AFamilyforBess.jpg (150×225)     Horseman.jpg (150×225)     HighlandValentine.jpg (150×225)

Thank you to all Contest Entrants for participating in the Affaire de Coeur Annual Cover Art Contest!


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