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Margaret Newmeli~~Author of Young Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy

Margaret Newmeli is a big fan of superheroes, manga, cartoons, anime. My biggest dream has always been to meet them. I love them so much. As a child, I used to pray that they should exist. 

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Another Dimension

Worlds Collide -- The Galactic Force

Margaret Newmeli



Kainos Ablom, The Supreme Fighter, wants it all and creates the Galactic Force to conquer the galaxy. His forces are successful until he confronts The Ten Planets and meets strong resistance. After giving the Ten Planets Alliance an ultimatum he backs off on the threat when an ally is dethroned.

The Ten Planets meet on the Transformers home world of Cybertron to make a plan to defeat the Supreme Fighter and his forces. The Silver Surfer and the Invisible Woman begin this books trek through a multitude of super heroes from the comics, TV and movies. In each phase of the defense of the galaxy, interaction between various heroes and some villains will be presented as the story moves on to other interactions of other sets of superheroes acting together in the defense of the galaxy.

The beginning of each chapter will tell the current situation and then go into a script like dialogue to the finish of the most chapters, Superheroes and associated characters will converse as to their parts in the defense of the galaxy with some occasional witty banter and levity. Continued reading will bring one to the next set of heroes, and then to another set in this story that encompasses so many. There is a very good chance the reader will meet at least a few of their favorites.

There are some characters that are continuous throughout the story to maintain the continuity. You will get to meet the Ninja turtles as well as Batman and many many more. The shear number of characters is overwhelming. The book is part of a continuing saga but it will work quite well as stand-alone.

Lauren Calder

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 Another Dimension


Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam
Margaret Newmeli


Alan, Noah, Zach, and Ryan had dreams of going to space. Sneaking onto a rocket ship before liftoff, they soon discovered their plans had gone awry. Instead of going to the space station like they’d believed, the teens ended up going out into unknown and undiscovered space.

They landed on a world of super heroes, with comic book, and cartoon characters. Then, the trouble began and the teens were thrown into controversy and danger.

In a unique script-style type of writing, the author sets the reader up for a wondrous adventure. This is a good read for YAs who love science fiction and fantasy.

Lauren Calder



Another Dimension

Catapulted to another world, another dimension.

Four teens secretly board the spaceship, RMXIX, to the world of their dreams. An accident brings them to Nootra, a dangerous and villainous world.

Nootra Security Forces considers the teens alien intruders and an unexpected turn has them facing the Frightful Forest.

Another Dimension The Ultimate Amalgam is the first in a series celebrating illustrious heroes and villains. A lively novel with a flair for the dramatic. This is a smorgasbord of all your favorite champions and heroes. 

Welcome to the world of your wildest dreams.
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