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Multi-genre author, Joanne Fisher was born and raised in Canada. When she was 20, she moved to Italy with her parents. She married and had three children.

When her father died, she, along with her sister, their respective families and mother, returned to Canada. 

After she returned to North America, she met the love of her life, Dan and now lives in Florida with her husband and her adorable Dachshund, Wally.


Tiffany has a very rare talent: she's a Master glassmaker and her talent grabs the attention of a dying Venetian Master glassmaker who bequeaths his Murano glass shop to her. This is the opportunity of a lifetime! This Murano shop is right, smack in the middle of St. Mark's Square. Her dream, however, is interrupted by a fascinating, charming Venetian man of blue blood, Massimo and by the multiple adventures she becomes entangled with along the way. Escape to “La Serenissima” while reading this book and encounter many scrumptious original Venetian recipes to challenge your culinary skills.

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Christmas in Venice

Joanne Fisher

Joanne’s Books

E-Book 978-0692764008 


Tiffany Washington inherits a glass studio in Venice, Italy, from an elderly glass artist who admired her outstanding artistic glass-blowing skills. She moves to Italy from the U.S. and fortunately is able to speak Italian, but it will take more than familiarity with the language to earn her acceptance in the tight-knit, traditional community. Massimo Busetto owns the coffee shop next to her gallery. The café has been in his family for generations. His mother pushes him to marry someone she feels is suitable for his aristocratic Venetian heritage, and very clearly disapproves of Tiffany.

Though Tiffany slowly gains acceptance by the locals, when she witnesses a crime her report isn=t taken seriously. When Massimo questions her truthfulness, their relationship is in jeopardy. With the adjustment to a new culture, and the locals and family wary of her, Tiffany and Massimo have a lot to overcome to build a future together. Christmas in Venice is intriguing, at times it reads more like a travelogue than a novel. The book would have benefited from a bit more editing. There is a bonus collection
of links to recipes for the meals the couple enjoyed during their courtship.

Hannah Rowan

Her books With All of MeHer Spanish Doll, & Good Things Always Happen in Springtime, & More are available at most online E-book retailers.

With All of Me

A wife, a mother, a career woman, and two online loves...

Giuliana is a lonely, middle-aged woman in Toronto. Her husband has little interest in her well-being. After a long day at work, she chats with people from all over the world. And then she meets Aaron, who lives nearby and Bobby in California. Her life becomes like a pinball bouncing between her husband, job, children, and two online loves. She is bewitched by the romantic poetry of Aaron and the honesty and kindness of Bobby.

An ironic twist of fate takes her in a direction she never expected!

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More books by Joanne



Swept off her feet by a charismatic Sebastián, a handsome middle aged Spanish businessman.

Fiore is a young Italian woman engaged to be married but her plans are interrupted. Her beauty strikes him like a thunderbolt sent by the goddess Venus herself. When Fiona is given an peculiar gift: a Spanish doll. Their romance sparks in a charming little Italian town and takes them around the globe. She is thrown into a whirlwind of entangled passion, money, secrets and love...

Until her life is suddenly shattered by a life-long secret.

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They must stay one step ahead of the Gestapo!

Germany, 1938: two young people discover true love. Charlotte and Georg's forbidden love must be kept a secret—from family, from friends, and from the Nazis. She lives in the Jewish Quarter and he--in the city proper.

Charlotte wanders into Georg’s cobbler shop to have some shoes repaired. Enamored by Charlotte’s charm and grace, he decides he wants to marry her. His pursuit of the young Charlotte results in the couple traveling a heart-stopping, winding route of twists and turns in their escape from Nazi Germany to the United States.

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Giuliana is a middle-aged housewife in Toronto. She tries to balance a career, a husband who has little interest in her well-being, and three children. In the evenings, she gets on her computer and chats with people all over the world. Among the people she chats with, she becomes romantically involved with Aaron, who lives nearby and Bobby in California. Her life becomes like a pinball bouncing between her husband, her job, her children, and her two online loves. She is bewitched by the romantic poetry of Aaron and the honesty and kindness of Bobby, that takes her all the way to California. Watch for the ironic twist of fate that takes her in a direction that she never expected!

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