Anna Volk

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Anna's been an avid reader her whole life. When pregnant with her second child she decided to try my hand at writing. Twenty-one years later she's still doing what she loves. She's been married to the love of her life for twenty-nine years. They have two wonderful boys who have grown into remarkable young men and have found beautiful soulmates. She's been blessed with her first grandbaby and he keeps thgm all on their toes and fills their days with laughter.

Living in Shadows

by Anna Volk

Four Powerful Couples, All Living In ShadowsWalking in Shadows - Dylan and Jilly have been rivals for years yet Dylan has always been attracted to Jilly. Will their new found love survive her secrets?Hiding in Shadows - Savannah has suffered betrayal and chooses withdraw from the world. Is Jimmy the man to drag her from her self-imposed prison?The Hunter - Cassandra and Michael are in love and can't wait to announce their engagement. But Michael’s brother Justin wants Cassandra for himself even if the result is Michael's death.Defender of Shadows - Marcus has spent years walking and hiding in shadows. Now he must learn to trust and accept help to get redemption and protect the woman he loves and, more importantly, who loves him despite the shadows that lurk within.


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Living in Shadows

Anna Volk

DCL Publications, LLC


ISBN 978-1-7323742-5-6





Walking in Shadows:  Jilly

“She was a temptation he’d never expected.”

Jilly is known by everyone as an animal advocate, and is always in the woods saving lost bear cubs and other wild life from poachers and hunters.  On one of her many rescues, Dylan stumbles upon her and her wolf Sable.  Dylan has harbored a secret love for Jilly, and jumps at the chance to ask her out and to give their relationship a chance.  But Jilly is hiding a secret of her own, and while her heart longs for a companion, she wonders if Dylan will be able to love her…all of her and all that comes with loving a shifter.

Walking in Shadows is Jilly’s story in the Living in Shadows collection.  Jilly and Dylan’s romance sets the stage for Anna Volk’s take on life lived among shifters.  Would recommend to fans of this genre.

Hiding in Shadows:  Savannah

 “She would fight for her freedom or die trying.  Death was preferable to what she had learned loving was.”

Savannah was a victim of pack law, and retreats within her wolf form to stay hidden.  Known as Jilly’s pet wolf, Sable, she gradually comes to terms with what was done to her and forgives their alpha.  But the fear stays embedded, and when Jilly leaves to honeymoon with her love Dylan, she is left in the hands of Dylan’s friend, Jimmy.  As Sable, she’s able to get to know Jimmy, and start to heal…to once again be able to trust a man, and perhaps find her own true love.

Jimmy hates wolves and can’t believe he’s been asked to babysit one while Dylan and Jilly are out of town.  But there is something alluring and somewhat familiar about Sable, and Jimmy lets his guard down.  But when the truth of Sable’s identity becomes known, he must make a choice…to set aside his prejudices and love all of Savannah or let her go and miss what could be his one true mate.

Hiding in Shadows is a continuation of Anna Volk’s shifter romance series, Living in Shadows.  Jimmy and Savannah’s story is one of acceptance and forgiveness after tragedy.  Would recommend to fans of this genre.

The Hunter

“We have each other.”

Cassandra and Michael have grown from being friends to lovers, and on a beautiful day in a meadow, Michael looks upon his beloved and asks her to be his wife.  But even on the best of days, tragedy can strike.  Michael’s half-brother and pack leader, Justin, has made the decision to make Cassandra his…even at the cost of Michael’s life. 

The Hunter is a quick but action packed story in Anna Volk’s shifter romance series, Living in Shadows.  While I wish it would have been a wee bit longer, I’d recommend to fans of this genre.

Defender of Shadows

“The loneliness sometimes ate at him…”

Sanctuary holds different meanings depending on the individual, and in Defender of Shadows, Marcus finds his in the arms of a beautiful human…Carrie.

After reading the earlier novellas in the Living in Shadows series, I felt Defender of Shadows did not flow with the story arc.  I had a really hard time following the plot and trying to figure out how Marcus went from being an alpha of the local wolf pack feared and hated for what he did to Savannah, Carrie's best friend, to a hero for saving Jilly, Savannah's sister, to a weak captive in his own territory.  I was looking forward to seeing how Marcus would be redeemed, but unfortunately, Defender of Shadows just didn’t do that for me.

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Individual E-books available:

Walking in Shadows

Dylan is an avid hunter be it raccoon, squirrel, bobcat or bear. He absolutely loves the sport. He and his faithful hounds give chase to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. The one animal Dylan can not abide is the wolf. Wolves are known killers; ask any hunter and they will tell you that "Wolves are Government Sponsored Terrorists." A pack of wolves will kill a hound in no time at all. Jilly owns a small bait shop, she is an avid outdoorsman and spends many hours working with her hounds. She has many friends among the forest and is more often than not fighting for animal rights. Dylan and Jilly have known each other for years and are often at odds over the sport of hunting. Dylan has secretly had feelings for Jilly for years but what will he do when he finds out that the woman he loves and cradles in his arms most nights has the ability to shift into a cold blooded killer? Jilly, once the Princess of the Wolf Pack, must protect her secret. The cost will be high and may cost her the one man that she will love, but not only is her life at stake, but the lives of the whole pack.

Hiding in Shadows

Savannah was violated in the worst way possible by someone she trusted. She now stays hidden safe within the body of her wolf. Can the love of a good man give her the strength to break out from her self-imposed exile from the human world?

Jimmy has always had a soft spot for Savannah. Will their new found love be strong enough to last when he discovers that the love of his life can shape shift into the one animal that he has always hated?

Fall in Love: A Dark Castle Lord Anthology with  Anna Volk, Lynn Hubbard, Rachel E. Moniz, Mary Alice Pritchard, Alena Stuart, and Kate Hofman 

The Hunter – Anna Volk
Cassandra and Michael are in love and cannot wait to announce their engagement. But before the cougars can share the news, Michael’s brother Justin claims Cassandra as his mate and threatens Michael’s life.

Defender of Shadows

Marcus has spent years walking in shadows and then hiding in shadows. It almost destroyed him and sent him into exile. Now in the final book of the Shadow Series, he must step up and defend those shadows. He must learn to trust and accept help to receive redemption. He also must protect the woman he loves who, seemingly against all odds, loves him despite the shadows that lurk within him.




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