Barbara Dan Reviews

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Roundup the Brides
Barbara Dan
CS Publishing
Trade Paperback

     Stuart Braden is a recent transplant to America via London, England. He and his father had come to Wyoming in 1889 in search of gold and other prospects to invest in. The last thing he expected to invest was his heart in the cinnamon eyes of one Suzanne Gallagher, schoolteacher, and her home of Happy Valley. Can an Englishman help the good people closest to her and win her heart in the process or will certain members of the Cheyenne Executives' Club get what they want, no matter the cost?
     Roundup the Brides is an historical Christian Western Romance. Although it’s the second book in the series, it is not confusing to a new reader. Barbara Dan takes her readers to Happy Valley on the trail of love.
Angel Shaw


Home Is Where the Heart Is
Barbara Dan

     Meg Wolverton is a young Easterner who takes a job as a housekeeper for a rancher in rural Wyoming, 1873. Along the way, she's responsible for seeing orphaned children to their new parents. Three kids, Susie, Davey, and Jimmy don't get adopted, so when she arrives, her new boss, widower Sam Gallagher, realizes he has a ready made family and suggests they get married. Meg gets a crash course in being a housewife and mother on the frontier. Can this marriage of convenience complete with adopted children turn into a love match?
     Home is Where the Heart Is is a heartwarming historical romance with a Christian message. Meg is readily reliant and has a strong relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, but after his wife and young daughter died, Sam has closed his heart to the Lord. However, Meg's warmth and love for the children and their developing relationship causes him to reconsider his anger towards God. The spiritual message is well done and not preachy. Faith in God is a part of the character's lives, not an editorial. Humorous and populated with interesting characters, along with a passionate relationship between the leads, this is a good Western historical romance novel.
Danielle Hill