A Nurse for the Wolfman by Eve Langlais

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A Nurse for the Wolfman

by Eve Langlais


Luke Harris, a former soldier got turned against his will by doctors he trusted now he was something he never thought anyone could like let alone love. That was until he met his new nurse, a beautiful and funny woman with a smile to die for.








Sneak Peek

Eve Langlais'

 A Nurse for the Wolfman 


A Nurse for the Wolfman

By Eve Langlais


What happens when a nurse falls for the wolfman?

The job offer is a dream come true. Three times her usual salary. Free meals and a suite. The only catch?

Margaret can’t tell anyone about it.

Hidden in the Rockies, the clinic is well protected and…odd. It doesn’t take her long to realize the doctors and scientists are up to no good. Especially once she meets Luke.

Her patient is an angry man who used to be a soldier. Now, he’s something else. A savage beast with gentle eyes that glow green when he’s agitated.

What has he become?

And will she be next?




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