Love in the Shadows by Linda Bost

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Love in the Shadows

Linda Bost


LoveintheShadows.jpg (150×225)


Abby is a beautiful biracial slave living on a plantation in Mason, Georgia. She pretends to be a slow-witted mute, a ruse suggested by her owner as a means of protection from her white grandfather, who seeks to kill her. She dreams of two things: safety and freedom. A further scheme to keep her safe brings her in contact with wealthy, handsome Lawrence Mallory, who has impulsively married a beautiful woman only to find she suffers from a violent mental illness.

Lawrence soon learns Abby is more than she appears to be, and an attraction grows between the two. When Lawrence’s wife dies, he goes away for several years, leaving Abby bereft. Returning home at last, he is prepared to ask the woman he loves to marry him despite the odds against them as an interracial couple, but a terrible misunderstanding separates them.
Will their love remain in the shadows forever?





Sneak Peek

Linda H. Bost's

Love in the Shadows



     Abby’s heart drummed in her chest, she fanned herself to calm her nerves. She hoped going to the meadow alone with Lawrence will give her the courage to tell him that they had met several years ago.

     White puffy clouds littered the blue sky, birds chirped and fluttered in the air. Abby closed her eyes, took in a deep breath enjoying the smell and sound of being outside. The pair walked in silence as they took the path behind the store then turned right and followed a less traveled, grassy path that took them up a slight hill with open fields.  Majestic mountains filled the background while a grove of trees stood erect on the other side of the path. Lawrence studied Abby as she practically danced as she walked ahead of him. She was an amazing girl. Her years of self-imposed solitude and shyness had not dulled her personality or her sense of humor.  She was a slip of a thing with female curves that let you know that she was not a girl. A smile formed on his lips. The sound of his name brought him out of his trance.

“Mr. Lawrence, this is so beautiful,” Abby spun around in her tracks and faced him on the path as she took in the beauty of the trees and the yellow and blue wildflowers scattered throughout the field.

    “It is a beautiful view,” Lawrence said not taking his eyes off her.

Abby smiled and lowered her lashes.


LoveintheShadows.jpg (150×225) 

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