everywhere and every way

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everywhere and every way

Jennifer Probst

Everywhere.jpg (150×225)

Hot on the heels of her beloved Marriage to a Billionaire novels, New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst nails it with the first in an all-new sexy romance series featuring red-hot contractor siblings who give the Property Brothers a run for their money!

Ever the responsible eldest brother, Caleb Pierce started working for his father’s luxury contracting business at a young age, dreaming of one day sitting in the boss’s chair. But his father’s will throws a wrench in his plans by stipulating that Caleb share control of the family business with his two estranged brothers.

Things only get more complicated when demanding high-end home designer Morgan hires Caleb to build her a customized dream house that matches her specifications to a T—or she’ll use her powerful connections to poison the Pierce brothers’ reputation. Not one to ignore a challenge, Caleb vows to get the job done—if only he can stop getting distracted by his new client’s perfect…amenities.

But there’s more to icy Morgan than meets the eye. And Caleb’s not the only one who knows how to use a stud-finder. In fact, Morgan is pretty sure she’s found hers—and he looks quite enticing in a hard hat. As sparks fly between Morgan and Caleb despite his best intentions not to mix business and pleasure, will she finally warm up and help him lay the foundation for everlasting love?


Sneak Peek

Jennifer Probst's

everywhere and every way



She looked at him like he was a bug she ached to crush.  Damn, this was fun. “I can swim. I just don’t enjoy making a public spectacle of myself. Call it a hang-up of mine.”

            He pushed himself away from the tree and stretched. She tried hard, but he felt her gaze touch on his chest and drop a tad lower. She hated being attracted to him, but it was there, a constant buzz between them like an annoying gnat. “No one can find us out here. You’re perfectly safe. And it’s hot as hell. A night swim will cool us off.” He toed off his shoes, enjoying the crisp feel of the grass under his feet.

            “Well, bless your heart. Why on earth would I want to skinny-dip with you?”

            “Why not?” Cal tugged off his T-shirt and threw it on the ground. “I dare you.”

            She sputtered like a cat getting dumped in a bucket of water. “Dare me? Do you think I’m five years old? A juvenile dare isn’t going to get me out of my clothes so I – what are you doing?”

            He flicked open the button on his shorts and lowered the zipper. “Getting naked. I’m skinny-dipping.”

            She gulped for air. Even in the dark, he caught the red flush to her cheeks. “This is outrageous. I’m leaving.”

            He dropped his shorts. Kicked them away from his ankles. And stood before her in his black briefs. His massive erection told the truth of how their banter affected him. A little gasp broke from her lips as she caught sight of him, but instead of being embarrassed, her reaction only made him grow harder. Cal took a few steps forward, studying her still figure with challenge.

            “Just as I thought. You’re afraid of letting go and having some fun. When was the last time you did something crazy, just for the hell of it? Live a little, princess.”

            Cal figured he’d dive in for a swim and she’d sulk on the sidelines. Maybe even try to find her way home with her stubborn nature. He didn’t expect the sudden burst of outrage from her petite figure.

            “You think you’re the wild bad boy of the town, Caleb Pierce?” She went on her tiptoes and got right in his face. “Think you’re gonna shock my poor little Southern heart by standing here, half-naked, with an erection? Think I won’t take your dare, Charming?” Her slow smile glittered and stopped his heart. “Thank again.”

            The earth shook a bit beneath his feet, but it was no earthquake. No, this was all breathless anticipation and pure lust as Morgan Raines tossed her silvery hair like a wild filly and took his dare.

            She bent down and untied her shoelaces, neatly stacking her sneakers beside her. With graceful motions, her fingers slid in a no-nonsense way and unbuttoned her little white blouse. She shrugged the fabric off and Cal was slammed with a vision of full, ripe breasts barely constrained in a delicate lace camisole. As his dick grew so hard, it was pure discomfort, his vision hazed when she casually unbuttoned her white linen capri pants and wriggled them over her full hips.

            Holy mother of God.

            She was gorgeous.

            His gaze tried to take in all that pure white flesh and the way the cream camisole skimmed over her body as if it were a wrapped treat, every lush curve emphasized. His fingers itched to reach out and touch her. His mouth ached to press over her pink lips. His body craved to know hers like a song he wanted to learn from beginning to end and never stop reciting.

            But she gave him no chance. With a wink, she pivoted on her bare heel and ran straight for the water. Then launched herself through the air in a perfect jump, sinking below the surface.

            Holy shit. The woman had just taken off her clothes in front of him and dove into the water. His Southern magnolia was really a hothouse rose, and he loved every fucking moment.

            Cal took off and did a cannonball, spraying water everywhere. Her laughter was witchlike, echoing in the wind like a siren call. With economical strokes, she swam around him, finally flipping to her back to float, her silvery hair spread around her, palms up to the sky like a sacrifice to the moon gods. He watched her in the beautiful silence that spilled over the lake, and something odd shifted within.


            Did she feel it, too? Something shifting? “Yeah?”

            “I think I want to add another level for the film room.”

            He blinked. “Huh?”


Everywhere.jpg (150×225)

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