Interview with Kate Angell

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Interview with Kate Angell

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August Calendar Girl


USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Angell lives in beautiful Naples on the Gulf of Mexico, Florida. She loves warm weather, the beach and boating. She’s also an animal lover, avid reader, and sports fan. Bookstores are her second home. She takes coffee breaks at Starbucks, and adds a jumbo red velvet cupcake to her order.  She isn’t much of a cook, but has take-out and delivery deli services programmed on her iPhone. 

      1. When did you start writing?

From as early as I can remember. I’ve always written ‘something’. A poem or short story. When I was young, I loved to illustrate too. I’ve been seriously writing for thirty years.


  1. What have you learned about writing since you started?

Be patient and pace yourself. Find time to write each day. Make it a priority.


  1. Tell us about your new book or series.

I’m continuing my contemporary sports romances, featuring the Richmond Rogues. Beach, boardwalk, baseball, and romance. No Kissing Under the Boardwalk features Zane Cates, the fifth sibling in the Cates family. He comes to the story having retired from the Air Force and having been a hurricane hunter. It’s a second chance at love book, as he tries to win back his high school sweetheart Tori Rollins. 


  1. What is your idea of a perfect writing day?

I love mornings. I’m an early riser. Coffee and a Danish at my desk, and I’m ready to go. I write from seven a.m. to noon, with hourly breaks, taking the dogs to the yard. The afternoon, I edit what I’ve written earlier. Editing can take as long as initial writing.


  1. How/where do you get your plot ideas?

From life in general. I’ll see or read something, and an off-shoot plot develops in my mind. I’m always thinking ‘what if’.


  1. What is the most difficult thing about creating and developing characters?

Keeping them ‘real’. No author wants cookie cutter characters. Same old. I try to bring my hero/heroine to life, so readers identify with them.


  1. What is your favorite thing about being an author?

Being creative. I love creating a fictitious town and characters. It’s a great escape!


  1. How many books do you currently have out on the market and what genres do they fall into?

I’ve written 12 single titles and participated in 10 anthologies. All contemporary.


  1. Will you be attending any book signings or conventions?

No signings at this time.


  1. Pass on some words of wisdom, please, to aspiring authors.

Never stop believing in yourself. Writing a book is hard work. Dedication is key.

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