Interview with M. K. Scott

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Interview with 

Morgan Wyatt

Affaire de Coeur's

November Calendar Girl

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Thank you Morgan for joining us today.

Morgan Wyatt also writes as M.K. Scott. M.K. Scott is the husband and wife writing team behind The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries. Morgan K Wyatt is the general wordsmith, while her husband, Scott, is the grammar hammer and physics specialist. He uses his engineering skills to explain how fast a body falls when pushed over a cliff and other felonious activities.


When did you start writing and why? 

I started writing in first grade because the kid books were dull. I thought I could improve on the well behaved children and their boring pets.


What have you learned about writing since you started?

You can always improve on a story. That’s why I go back and revise earlier tales.


Tell us about your new book or series.

My husband and I write culinary cozy mysteries with lots of crazy characters. The current series is The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries where an opinionated innkeeper solves murders with a veteran cop. There are some romantic elements involved too.


What is your idea of a perfect day?

A perfect day is when I get everything done on my to do list and my husband offers to take me out to dinner at our favorite barbecue place.


Do you have any hobbies?

I’m an avid gardener. This year’s project was a bee and butterfly yard.


What is the worst thing about being an author? 

It’s not a horrible thing, but people have no clue how much work goes into a book.


What is your favorite thing about being an author?

There are so many great things about being an author. I do like the opportunity to meet so many great people. I enjoy working with my husband and then there’s cover art!


How many books do you currently have out on the market and what genres do they fall into?

This is definitely my question.

M K Scott (cozy mysteries) three out and another in the proofing stage

Rayna Noire (magical realism) five

Morgan K Wyatt (romance/romantic suspense) seven

Morgan Kay (Flirty contemporary romance) eight


What can we expect from you next? 

Murder Mansion audiobook will be out in November.

Christmas Calamity by M K Scott (cozy mystery) will be out late November

Dangerous Regrets by Morgan Kay (Contemporary) will be out in January 2017


 Pass on some words of wisdom, please, to aspiring authors.

 Be original. It’s so easy to want to base yourself on someone else. Don’t.

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