Interview with Morgan K. Wyatt

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Morgan K Wyatt has penned twenty romance novels. Her articles and stories have appeared in several anthologies and magazines including Guideposts, Ladies Home Journal, Playgirl,  Greensboro Magazine, and The Dollar Stretcher. Her most recent publications include a sweet romance, The Inheritance, and an anthology, Sunkissed: Summer Effusions.  




Welcome Morgan. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us.


Where are you from?

I am originally from Georgetown, Indiana. This is a trifle confusing because there is more than one. I now live north of Indianapolis, Indiana.


Married/In a relationship? Children? Pets?

I married my soul mate, but I didn’t find him until I was 49! Together, we have five adult children that still keep us hopping. I have rescue pup that weighs in at 85 pounds, but still thinks he’s a lap dog.


Do you have another job other than writing?

I consider myself semi-retired from teaching special education. Translation: I work two days a week.


What is your favorite place to eat?

I’m a steak girl all the way.  Any place that can pay homage to a thick steak has my vote.


Favorite foods? 

Besides steak, I like pizza, cheeseburgers and chocolate.


If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find?

Lots of fresh veggies and salsa because I garden. An entire shelf dedicated to diet soda and water.  The side door is condiments, except for the bottom, which is wine.  Then there is the cheese and lunchmeat drawer. There maybe a few containers of strange relish or condiment I had to buy, but don’t use now. I do my impulse buying in the grocery.              


Where do you like to go when you want to run away? Where is the farthest place you have traveled from home?

Now, you are testing my geography! Corfu, a beautiful isle off the Greek coast may be the farthest I’ve been from home. As for running away, somewhere warm and beachy in the middle of winter. Always.

Do you have a social/political cause you are passionate about?

I want all women to feel good about themselves. Every female is exactly who she is supposed to be. Her look, size, voice, walk, heart, mind shouldn’t be forced into a cookie cutter mold. 

Do you have a critique partner? 

My husband. He’s great because he doesn’t know what I mean. I have to show him, which often involves rewriting scenes. He’s extremely logical and tells me why I can’t do something in a scene.


Attending any conventions/conferences this year?

September- InDScribe in Palm Springs, CA

                      Pagan Pride Festival, Indianapolis, IN

October-      Author Faire Fishers, IN

November- Christmas & Hobby Show-Indianapolis, IN


What genres do you write and do you go by different Nom de Plumes?


Rayna Noire   YA

Morgan K Wyatt    Romance & non-fiction

M K Scott   Cozy Mystery (First one will be out this November.)


What is the best advice anyone ever gave you?

Write every day.


Tell us your latest news? Current projects?

I have several series & sequels in the work.

There’s a follow up to my romantic suspense, Love or Deception. Pushed is about 60% done. An unsavory character kills his wife, but she refuses to remain dead. Not what you think, you’ll have to wait and see.

The Men of Machismo series is about nine different male dancers. The first one is The Bad Decision Legacy. It’s edited, it’s hot, but it is waiting in line with the other books for publication.

Affirmation is book four in Pagan Eyes series. It will be out in September.

The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries, Book One, The Unexpected Guest will be out in November 2015

The Love Talisman is a sweet romance that is a sequel to The Soul Mate Search and should be out in January 2016.

There is going to be a gradual turnover of all My Secret Cravings Books due to SCP closing their doors. I’m re-editing them, some I’m lengthening, and a few get brand new covers.


One or two of your biggest learning experiences during your writing and publishing process?

Everything takes longer than you ever expect. My most recent book, which isn’t published yet, took me over a year to get it ready to publish.

The second is many things are out of your control.


Biggest surprises you didn’t expect once you became a published writer?

The promotion work is soul consuming, not to mention a time gobbler. Then you go to conferences that tell you to put out a book a month. There’s no real way to do both & work a day job.

The good surprise is the readers. They’re great.

What would you have done differently if you could do it again?

Pen names. I started writing sexy cougar novels, which made everyone assume all my novels would be sexy cougar novels. They aren’t. I’m gradually working on that issue.

Series. Everything should be a series because the characters become family to the reader and writer. They are easier to write too.

What were your 1-2 biggest learning experience(s) or surprise(s) throughout the publishing process?

Timing is everything. A good launch takes about six months to plan.


Easiest and hardest thing about writing?

Writing is the easiest thing. Loading books onto publishing sites is right up there with editing as far as difficulty.


What inspired you to write your first book?

It depends what you consider my first book.  I started writing in first grade because I thought the reading books were bland. I wanted more adventure in my stories.

What ignites your creativity?

I’m open to anything from news story to an overheard conversation. I was having lunch with my daughter while the women in the booth behind talked loudly about spying on one of their husbands. I can take an idea and run with it. The assumption would be the man was having an affair, but the wife could discover her husband was a spy, a hit man, or even an alien.

Let's talk about the day to day creative process. Take us through a typical writing day for you.

If I’m not at school, it starts immediately after my husband goes to work around 6:30 am. I allow myself to do my promotion, email and social media until 9 am when I officially report to work. I usually work six hours straight without any sound if possible.  I’m very distractible. Often, I don’t even turn on the lights. My dog gets me to move occasionally as I open and close the door for him.

Around 3 pm, I break for errands or a run on the treadmill while watching NCIS or BONES.

Later on in the evening, I do more social media & set up my website for the next day. I promote other authors on Writer Wonderland free of charge.


What challenges have you faced writing a love story or a specific scene?

On the Cougar novels, I tried to make it realistic. Not every woman is a 50-year-old super model. I do have friends who have husbands much younger than they are so I used them for inspiration.


Is your writing area/office organized or strategically placed chaos? 

I have a wonderful office with a child’s picnic table for a desk, but I do most of my writing in bed. I sometimes move to the couch, and I have a treadmill desk that I can use if I walk slowly. Truthfully, this is better for social media.


Interesting questions you have been asked by your fans …

My husband does help me write, which results in people asking specific questions about what he wrote. In Unexpected Cougar, he wrote all of the hero’s lines. He’s written a great deal in the cozy mystery series.


Do you listen to music while you write or do you need complete silence?

Complete silence, although sometimes I’ll turn on Pandora if I’m trying to create a particular mood such as they’re on vacation in the islands or at a club.


What author would you like to meet and have a cozy lunch with?

Jayne Ann Krentz. I’ve met her three times already and she’s so much fun. Pam Ackerson is pretty cool too.


Name one actor/actress you would love to get naughty with? (If you were free to do so)

 Tom Mison from Sleepy Hollow because he has the best eyes and hair. I also admire how much he loves his wife in the series despite some of the questionable things she does.


Any life experiences tangled in the storylines?

Are you kidding me? Bob Mayer commented that authors always use their own lives and people they know in stories because it is easier. Although, we confess we don’t. Be suspicious of any story about a teacher or principal. I should add I wrote the entire cougar series while dating my younger husband.

What books do you have on your favorites shelf?

I have several reference books including ones on costume & dress, weapons, aromatherapy, massage, magic and unexplained phenomenon. I have signed books by some of my favorite authors such as Nora Roberts, Darynda Jones, Amanda Quick, Bob Mayer and Jill Shalvis.


What book are you reading now?

Nature Speak by Ted Andrews. I’m really into gardening.


What do you like to read/favorite genre?

I would have said historical romance a few years ago. Now, there are so many books that cross genres, it is hard to say. I attend a conference & discover another author.


Any new authors who have caught your interest?

Máirín Fisher-Fleming, author, of Dancing on The Darkside, weaves an amazing tale that balances between fantasy, paranormal, romance, & science fiction.

If you could say one thing to the next generation of authors, what would it be?

Be original. In this current batch of writers, there are too many people trying to be the next E.L. James. The world already has an E.L. James and she’s still writing.


What would you like to say to your readers?

Thank you. I would love to go buy you lunch or even give you a free book. In fact, because I have to turn the majority of my books over to another publisher, I’ll need reviews. Interested? Sign up for my newsletter on to get the details on how to get free books for reviewing. I have Amazon GC giveaways too for newsletter readers. Another tour & giveaway is happening for my non-fiction book, Dating After Forty-eight. Find out more on  I’ll have another tour for Affirmation on Bewitching Book Tours in October.


What is your web page/facebook/twitter contact information?

Thank you Morgan.

Read an excerpt from Dating After Forty-Eight

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The world of dating can be both brutal and mysterious.

Why do some people marry the first person they meet and live happily ever after? While the rest of us suffer failed relationships, unexpected divorces, and even the death of a spouse that pushes us back into singlehood. Being single can be especially challenging after forty. Most people could use some help, which inspired the book.

Dating after Forty-Eight is a collection of well-read blogs that highlights workable dating strategies. Instead of dating being a trial, turn it into a fun adventure and possibly a happy ever after.

Give up kissing frogs and hoping for magic, instead, take charge of your dating life and create the change you need


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