Interview with Kaylin McFarren

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Interview with Kaylin McFarren

Affaire de Coeur's

August Calendar Girl



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Catching up with Kaylin and some great news, awards, successful charity events, and more.


Good morning Kaylin, so glad you have taken the time to stop by and chat with us. 


Still is Oregon? Yep! Love the Northwest…especially in the summer. I don’t think there’s anything finer that Columbia Gorge views and Willamette Valley wines.


Congratulations! This is a big year for you and hubby. It’s your 40th; planning on doing anything special? We celebrated our 40th and my 60th during an amazing two-week vacation to Portugal and Barcelona this summer and some of our family members even flew in to join us in a rented hillside villa overlooking the ocean. Spain is beyond incredible and now tops my list as one of the most beautiful places on the planet.


How is the Soulful Giving Foundation going? Website info? We just wrapped up our fourth annual Soulful Giving blanket concert and I’m thrilled to say it was the most successful event so far! Over 3,000 people attended and we raised a record amount for Randall Children’s Hospital and Providence Cancer Center. You can read all about it and see photos on our website at


And the Yoshida Group? Our business interests and new projects are growing by leaps and bounds. International sauce sales are off the chart and private packaging is taking over our production lines. My husband and I are picking up shopping centers, revamping them, and filling them up with wonderful tenants. We’ve discovered it’s a great time to invest in commercial real estate…especially in Oregon!


Attending any conventions/conferences this year? I have plans to attend the Chanticleer Awards banquet, book fair and mini-conference in Bellingham, Washington later this month. Buried Threads has been raking in awards and won first place in the Chanticleer Clue Awards for steamy action-thriller, which qualifies it for a $1,000 grand prize. Won’t be holding my breath, but my fingers will definitely be crossed at the award ceremony.


What is the best advice anyone ever gave you? Have faith in your abilities, no matter what anyone says. We’re all born with an inherent gift. It’s just a matter of discovering where your true talent lies.


Tell us your latest news? Current projects? In the last two weeks, Buried Threads picked up the 2014 Readers’ Favorite gold medal in the fiction - adventure category and a gold medal for adult fiction in the 2014 Global Ebook Awards, which has inspired me to finish the third installment in the Threads series – Banished Threads. With our summer activities and remodeling projects getting in the way, I’ve had to put this manuscript on a back burner but now I’m madly working away and anticipate it’s completion in less than two months.


What challenges have you faced writing a love story or a specific scene? While writing the love scenes between a geisha and her obsessed danna (paid sponsor) in Buried Threads, I found myself riding a fine line between choreographed sexual acts, which were required to move the story forward, and having my work viewed as pornography. I made the difficult decision to incorporate these scenes, despite any objections I might later encounter, due to the fact that eroticism has a long history in the Japanese culture, especially in the pleasure quarters.


Is your writing area/office organized or strategically placed chaos? For the most part, my office/library is organized thanks to large file cabinets and plastic storage bins, which hold all my research files, manuscripts, certificates and advertising tear sheets.


What author would you like to meet and have a cozy lunch with? I’ve been fortunate in meeting Lisa Jackson at a fund-raising event but would love to hang out and pick her brain in regard to developing and marketing great, best-selling mysteries.

What books do you have on your favorites shelf?
Memories of a Geisha, The Book Thief, Expendable, Absolute Fear, Scarlett, In Cold Blood, The Man Who Loved Children, Independent People, Da Vinci Code, The Stand, Anna Karenina, Pale Fire, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Great Gatsby…to name a few.


What book are you reading now? I’m currently reading two books: Jorge Luis Borge’s Labyrinths and In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust.


Any new authors who have caught your interest? I recently joined the bandwagon by reading Janet Evanovich books and thoroughly enjoy Wicked Business.


If you could say one thing to the next generation of authors, what would it be? Be original with story lines, angles, situations, and resulting circumstances. Attempting to reinvent something that’s been done over and over again will never earn you points or draw the attention of discriminating readers.


What is your web page/facebook/twitter contact information?



What would you like to say to your readers? Thank you for your amazing support and for believing in my ability to tell a different kind of story. J