Pambling Roads ~~ Wisconsin

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Pambling Roads ~~ Wisconsin

Meeting the Americans continues:


Welcome back and thank you for continuing to make this travel series a wonderful success. Pambling Roads continues as we travel up the center of the U.S. along the Mississippi River and over aiming for the mid-west states.


Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is up there on the top ten list of most beautiful states. The people were wonderful, friendly, and welcoming. It will most likely be one of the states that we return to for a holiday.


We stayed at the Best Western, West Towne Suites in Madison.

We dined at Joey’s Seafood. Maddie was our server. She was very prompt, checked back, and was a great all around server. The food was top-notch.

Longhorn’s was another restaurant we dined at with absolutely, delicious meals. It took a few moments for our server to get to the table. However, we think there was a mix up because the hostess had said that our waitress would be right with us. Since it was the first time it has ever happened to us when we dined at a Longhorn, we took it as the abnormality that it was. Kevin ended up being our server and he excelled from the moment he arrived until we were quite full and satisfied with our meals.


House on the Rock

Rock1.jpg (300×221)    Rock2.jpg (300×225)  

House on the Rock located in Spring Green Wisconsin, near Dodgeville. It started out as Alex Jordan’s own personal resort and turned into a spectacular breathtaking home where he collected artifacts, relics, and displays to please his guests. The house was strategically built around the rocks, in the crevices, and on the cliff for a panoramic view of the countryside. The gardens were elaborately decorated with sculptures, waterfalls, flora, and fish in the lily pad filled ponds.

RockTiffany.jpg (300×227)     WiscRock.jpg (300×225)

The Infinity Room stretches out like a futuristic anomaly, engineered to extend from the cliff for 218 feet and 156 feet above the ground.

Rock3.jpg (300×225)

We purchased a few things from the gift shop and some mint fudge. The employees from the moment we walked in the door until we left were all very pleasant and helpful.


We stopped at Schurman’s Wisconsin Cheese Country and bought some cheese curds. We tried some and then sent the rest of the bag to our daughter since she loves cheese. We chatted a bit with the gentleman that works there. He was very courteous and friendly. We told him which direction we would be traveling and he recommended we visit Wyalusing State Park.


We tried visiting Little Norway but it was still closed for the season and may be closed permanently. Even though I have never seen it, there was disappointment that such a wonderful place wasn’t open yet for visitors.

Their online gift shop is open for business if you are searching for unique gifts.


Wyalusing State Park

Wyalusing1.jpg (300×225)    Wyalusing.jpg (300×225)

Wyalusing was wonderful. We are so glad we went to the park. We stopped at Point Lookout, which gives you a breathtaking view of the Mississippi and Wisconsin River. We drove over to the Green Cloud picnic area, walked near the Indian Mounds along the coastline of the river, and the monument for the Passenger Pigeons. The fee was $5 for an hour and was well worth the fee.


Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

MississippiPraire.jpg (300×225)

We went to the Mississippi River, went to the park, and put our feet in the water.

We stayed at the Best Western in Prairie du Chien. The employees there were happy and very helpful. The pool and hot tub were so relaxing after a bumpy highway on our old bones and muscles. Prairie du Chien has a lot of history and if we had more time, we could have enjoyed their festival scheduled for the weekend.

Praire1.jpg (300×225)    Priaire2.jpg (300×225)

Driving through Wisconsin, we noticed large quilt squares on some barn buildings. We asked about them and found the story fascinating. They are displayed to symbolize family, history, and traditions.

Fort Crawford

We visited Fort Crawford museum. Nancy welcomed us with a greeting and a smile. She answered our questions about the fort and the quilt squares we saw on the barns. She was very pleasant and helpful.

FortCrawford.jpg (300×225)    FortCrawford1.jpg (300×225)

It is one of the chain of forts along the Mississippi River. There were some pretty influential names involved with the fort. The fort had to be relocated and Colonel Zachary Taylor directed the construction along with Lt. Jefferson Davis. Dr. William Beaumont, known for his research on the digestive system was a military post surgeon at the fort.

A portion of the wall is original and they restored and added a building to replicate the original existing hospital. It is the only Fort Crawford building still standing. Touring the two buildings you can learn about Prairie du Chien’s history, military information, the battle of 1814, and very interesting medical history.


Villa Louis

villalouis.jpg (300×225)    Villalouis1.jpg (300×225)

The Villa Louis is an historical home of one of their prominent families. It is a nineteenth century Victorian home and ninety percent of the furnishings are original Dousman family. We toured the guesthouse, which was also used as the Dousman’s office and entertainment area. The main house was also part of the guided tour. There are fourteen buildings that go with this tour. Most are self-guided, many aren’t open yet for viewing, however, the fur museum was open, and we found it quite fascinating.

On the property are also some archaeological remains of Fort Crawford.

We had dinner at Huckleberry’s restaurant. The food was awesome. The service was great. They have an awesome gift shop so even if you aren’t hungry; it is definitely worth shopping at and purchasing some great gifts.

We ordered lunch to go from Hardees and picnicked in the park near Villa Louis. It was the first time we had eaten from a Hardee’s restaurant.


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