Pambling Roads ~~ Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma

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Pambling Roads ~~ Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma


North Platte, Nebraska

Nebraska2.jpg (275×206)

Traveling through Nebraska we stopped in North Platte just in time. A hail storm, huge pieces, hit the area leaving us to enjoy a relaxing day and watching the fascinating storm.

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Greensburg, Kansas


Best Western

Greensburg was a fascinating town and the people there were awesome. The whole town is a ‘green’ self-sustaining town. 

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Kansas Meteorite Museum and Nature Center


meteor.jpg (275×206)

We almost missed it and we are very glad we stopped for a visit. Admission is free. However, donations are welcome and appreciated. It has a huge collection of meteorites, rocks, and various other scientific equipment. Everything there to please those who have any interest in science.

The Brenham meteorites are fascinating to look at with multiple colors of green, yellow, orange, metals, crystals, etc.


Greensburg.jpg (275×206)  

The Big Well Museum and Visitor’s Center

BigWell.jpg (275×206)      BigWell1.jpg (275×206)  

The Big Well, built in the late 1880’s, is the world’s largest hand-dug well. There are exhibits circling the well telling about the well and the historical EF5 tornado that practically leveled Greensburg in 2007. The Big Well is 109 feet deep and 32 feet wide. There are stairs where if you choose you can go down into the well. 

On display, there is also a 1000-pound Pallasite meteorite, named The Space Wanderer.


Dodge, Kansas

Best Western

Dodge.jpg (275×206)    Dodge1.jpg (275×181)    

Dodge City Trolley Tour


The trolley tour took us around the town with an interesting narration of its history and current events, showing everyone the thriving beef industry that Dodge is still known for. We were able to see the Million Dollar Block, Fort Dodge, Gospel Hill, and many other homes and historical sites.


Boot Hill Museum and Cemetery

Dodge2.jpg (275×206)      Dodge3.jpg (275×206)


 BootHillshow.jpg (275×206)      BootHIllshow1.jpg (275×206)

Boot Hill Museum was moved to its present location and the area is set up replicating a section of old western Dodge. Included in the tour is the Boot Hill Cemetery, the Long Branch Saloon, A gun exhibit, a print shop, boot shop, and restaurant to name a few. We purchased the package that included the tour, dinner, a gunfight, and a variety show. It was fun, fun, fun!

SaloonShow.jpg (275×185)      SaloonShow1.jpg (275×193)


Harvey Hotel and Santa Fe Train Depot

Harvey Hotel.jpg (275×206)      HarveyHotel1.jpg (275×206)  

This was a fascinating tour if you enjoy old architectural structures along with historical significance of the Harvey Hotel and Restaurant chains and the old west. This building is still in the process of being renovated and they have done an excellent job. They do have a dinner theatre there and if you have the chance, it is a great stop all around.


Ardmore, Oklahoma

La Quinta


We went to Turner Falls Park, in Davis. The Arbuckle Mountains are beautiful; perfect for a little hiking, exploring caves, enjoying Turner Falls, and the cool water for a wonderful swim. We explored the remains of the castle, Collings Castle, and guesthouse. It was amazing seeing the amount (hundreds) of Daddy Long Legs living on, in, and on top of the ceilings of the remains. At first, I thought it was mildew, until the mildew started moving and walking around. We hiked to the top and enjoyed the view of Turner Falls from there as well.

The park does have places to eat, cabins, shelters, and campsites. The employees are polite and helpful. There is an excellent market to purchase needed supplies and a great gift shop.

Thank you for taking the time to read Pambling Roads. It is so hard to believe that this has been the third year of writing these travel articles. We love hearing from you and appreciate you returning to each Pambling Roads.

Interested in time travel western romance?

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