Pambling Roads ~~ Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Chicago

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Meeting the Americans

Pambling Roads ~~ Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Chicago


Pambling Roads continues as we travel up the center of the U.S. along the Mississippi River and over aiming for the mid-west states. From Florida we bee-lined it to Michigan and began our travels for Meeting the Americans from there. We pit stopped in Locust Grove, GA. at the La Quinta and the Best Western in Cave City, KY.

Lincoln’s birthplace in central Kentucky (near Hodgenville) was a pleasant surprise and neither one of us wanted to pass up the chance of being able to see it. We weren’t expecting to stop anywhere as we expected to travel north without any stops except to sleep. Sinking Spring Farm is a national historical site with a wonderful informative experience. A short film gives a quick description of the trials and tribulations Abraham Lincoln’s parents went through to become landowners and what their family experienced as frontier settlers. There are cabins, an inn, the sinking spring cave, trails, and the monument.

KyLincoln.jpg (300×180)  KYLincoln1.jpg (300×225)

The monument has 56 steps, one for each year of President Lincoln’s life, and holds a reconstructed simpler version of the log cabin where he was born.

KYLincoln3.jpg (300×183)   Lincoln5.jpg (300×222)

If you want to read more about our other visits to Lincoln historical sites:

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KYLincoln4.jpg (300×189)  

Lincoln’s earliest childhood memories are from Knob Creek Farm, KY., and another home where we stopped to visit. Knob Creek Farm is mentioned in President Lincoln’s memoirs where he talks about his life on the farm.

There is no fee to go to the national historic sites. There are ranger led programs and self-guided tours.


South Bend, Indiana

We stayed at the LaQuinta Inn Airport. It was, as usual, a great room with wonderful employees. Before we arrived in South Bend as we were driving through Indiana, we saw chipmunks, groundhogs, and a bluebird, not common sights for us. We drove around South Bend and missed the turn to Notre Dame so we checked out the downtown area. We did see it from a distance and got to enjoy the rest of the town so we were okay.

LakeMichigan1.jpg (300×178)   LakeMichiganSanddunes.jpg (300×178)

From South Bend, we decided to drive into Michigan along the lake’s coastline. We went to Warren Dunes State Park. There was a $9 entry fee for non-residents and even though we were only going to be there for about an hour we decided that seeing Lake Michigan was something we didn’t want to miss. The park was located north of New Buffalo and south of Benton Harbor.

Before we even saw the water, we saw majestic dunes, the largest sand dunes we have ever seen. They were huge. There were food pavilions available and clean restrooms. My husband put his feet in the water. There was a decent amount of people on the beach enjoying the day. However, there weren’t many in the water was still a bit on the cold side.

Michigan Roads and portions of Indiana roads are very unkempt, potholes, cracks, etc. The roads were a major contrast to the yards and homes in both states. The residents’ homes and yards were well kept; the yards and landscaping were consistently decorated with ornaments, flowers, and shrubbery. It was quite impressive.

chicago.jpg (300×222)

Leaving Indiana, we hit the side roads and then swung over to 90 west. We were expecting a nightmare for a drive through Chicago. Wow, we were thrilled. Driving in Chicago on 90 west, with heavy noontime traffic, however, kudos to the Chicago area drivers, no one was stressing, traffic was flowing without a hitch. No one was on the phone, texting, zigzagging in and out, etc. No one was being rude or pushy. They were polite and courteous all the way through.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our trips and are glad you have joined us in our adventures. We have met so many wonderful people from the United States, Mexico, Canada, and all over the world. We have taken hundreds of pictures and plan to share more of our memories with you.

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