Pambling Roads ~ Iowa to North Dakota

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Meeting the Americans

Pambling Roads, Meeting the Americans continues. Our travels bring us to Iowa, Minnesota, and North Dakota. We didn’t stay at any hotels in Iowa but chose to travel through it on our way northward. We didn’t want to miss any countryside and was enjoying our travels. If you have been following this series, you would note that the Best Western Hotels and the LaQuinta Hotels are the two main places we have stayed. Honestly, there’s a well thought out reason for it. Both hotels are consistent in their service, employees, and cleanliness.




Stopped by the Laura Ingles Wilder museum and took a guide of the hotel the Ingles lived in while they stayed in Burr Oak, Iowa. Everyone was getting acquainted when the other guide made an insulting comment about Florida. He continued informing everyone that whenever he thinks of Florida, he thinks about the fact that it isn’t a place he would want to go because people eat peoples’ faces there.


My response: I would have thought you would say that Florida makes you think of the Space Shuttle launches? The Beaches? Walt Disney World? Not Zombies.

His response:

The rockets don’t take off from Florida. They take off from Texas.


Blink. Blink. Blink. Sigh.

Laura Ingalls.jpg (300×225)    LauraIngalls1.jpg (300×227)  

Our guide was wonderful; she was quite knowledgeable about the author and the history of Ms. Wilder’s life. The visitor’s center is in an old bank, the vault still intact, and some local history about the first bank robbery in 1931. They have a smorgasbord of books from and about Laura Ingles Wilder along with some interesting frontier type souvenirs to purchase.


North Mankato, Minnesota


We stayed at the Best Western. What a wonderful restaurant and hotel, absolutely magnificent. Wow, wow, wow. One of the best hotels we have stayed in since the one at the Grand Canyon. They have a huge wonderful pool and excellent hot tub. Our room was perfect. Their restaurant was relaxing; the food came out quick and delicious, completely top-notch. Our server, Elizabeth, was right on all the way from the greeting when she sat us to the moment we left. They have a bar there and that too must be given a thumbs up on service and drinks as well.


Fergus Falls, Minnesota

Fergus Falls was an overnight stay and we didn’t plan to see anything in the area. They had a restaurant and bar at the hotel. It was fun and the food was great. The room we had was beautiful. The area was gorgeous. We stayed at the Best Western.


Dickinson, North Dakota


On our way to Dickinson, we stopped in Jamestown, also known as Buffalo City because it has the largest Buffalo sculpture. We also had the privilege of seeing a white buffalo grazing in the valley. The Frontier Village has its town set up like a real frontier town. There is no fee, however, it survives on donations. Everyone there was very friendly and welcoming.

BuffaloSculpture.jpg (300×209)    WhiteBuffalo.jpg (300×223)

How does a historical section about the author Louis L’Amour and a collection of his books sound? Mr. L’Amour was born and raised in Jamestown, ND. There was a stagecoach ride, pony rides, and various buildings to see: A pioneer church, a barber shop, print shop, law office, general store, and a caboose to name a few.

Louis LAmour.jpg (300×225)    Frontiertown.jpg (300×225)

I started reading Louis L’Amour books when I was young. It is his fault that American historical westerns are my favorite books to read.

The volunteers and employees at the frontier town were wonderful, friendly, and courteous.

We stayed at the LaQuinta in Dickinson. It was, as usual, comfortable and a great stay.


Thank you for taking the time to continue to read Pambling Roads. I appreciate the emails and comments. I love to hear from readers.


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