Pambling Roads ~~ Colorado

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Pambling Roads ~ Colorado

Pambling Roads brings you to Denver, Colorado where we will meet up with family and enjoy some of the finer fun spots in the Denver area.

cantelope.jpg (275×206)

Before we checked in to the hotel we stopped at Johnson’s Corner with every intention of purchasing one of their famous cinnamon rolls. (We forgot to get some to go.) We had lunch, which was delicious. The service, considering how very busy they were (I’d say slammed) was right on target. No waiting, food came out in perfect time, service was top-notch, an all-around great time.

Colorado1.jpg (275×196)      Colorado2.jpg (275×206)  

The Best Western, Denver (on Quebec Street) ~~ my husband and I have elected the Best Western Denver with the title “Most Helpful Employees with Great Attitudes” Every employee we came across, absolutely everyone from the moment we walked into the hotel was pleasant, helpful, and happy.


Famous Dave’s


My husband loves BBQ and he was thrilled when we picked Famous Dave’s. This BBQ restaurant has really good food, excellent service, and a great atmosphere.



La Mariposa Mexican restaurant right next door to the Best Western, in Denver, was a charm. If you love Mexican food this is definitely the place to go. Everyone there was very friendly, good service, and excellent food!


Denver Zoo

Zoo1.jpg (275×206)      Zoo2.jpg (275×206)  

We had a blast at the Denver Zoo. It is very well-kept. The animals looked happy and healthy. There were plenty of places to rest, eat, and enjoy the exhibits. There was so much to see and do that one day wasn’t enough.

Zoo3.jpg (275×206)        Zoo4.jpg (275×206)


Fort Fun in Fort Collins


This was great place to go for just plain old fun. We had a blast! There is mini-golf, bumper cars, go-carts, laser tag, and arcades—just to name a few. We ate lunch there and although it was a bit slow on the food arriving and our orders were mixed up, they were apologetic, and we were good-to-go. The food was very good.


The Dam Store

DamStore.jpg (275×206)      DamStore1.jpg (275×206)  

The Best Dam Store is located near Loveland. Of course, we had to stop by and get some souvenirs!


Estes Park

Theshininghouse.jpg (275×139)  

The Stanley Hotel had a carnival going at the time. We checked out the hotel. It is very gorgeous. I was hoping they had a tour, considering it is known for its use in the movie The Shining but they said they didn’t have one. 

theshininghouse1.jpg (275×206)      theshininghouse2.jpg (275×206)


We walked around downtown Estes Park; did some window shopping and had a late lunch. The food was okay, the atmosphere was uncomfortable, face-palming, clearing throat…really? Dropping the F-bomb to a fellow server in front of customers and children? The service was, oh boy, very disorganized, very unprofessional, very slow, and very unhappy employees.

We decided not to try any more restaurants in downtown Estes Park. Heading back to Loveland, we stopped on the outskirts of Estes Park and had dinner at Hunters Chop House. It was a more pleasant atmosphere with much better service, happier employees, and much tastier food.


4th of July Fireworks at the park in Loveland:  Absolutely breathtaking show!

Rocky Mountain National Park

RockyMtPark.jpg (275×206)      RockyMtPark1.jpg (275×203)  

Besides the glorious views and wildlife, the park offers everything imaginable: fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and camping to name a few.


Thank you for taking the time to continue to read Pambling Roads. I love to hear from readers and appreciate the emails and comments.


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