Won't You Be My Valentine?

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The Valentine Show Us Your Heart Contest
JohnValentineweb2.jpg (300×432)
Have you met him yet? The gorgeous man on the cover? The one we look at on the romance book covers and just sigh..........
The man on the cover, the one we caress every time we buy a romance book, the sexy incredibly scrumptious John Antorino international cover model and actor.
Well, Guess What! You can win a Skype/Facetime Cyber date with John!
JohnValentineweb4.jpg (300×409)
You can!  We are auctioning him off -- Sort of.
John Antorino and Affaire de Coeur have gotten together to help a young man who is fighting Colon Cancer. We are asking you to donate $10 to the Cody Sears Cancer Fund. For every $10 donation you make, you get an extra "ticket" thrown in the pot and increase your chances of having a cyber date with John Antorino. All donations (excluding paypal fees) will go to Cody Sears. You can become one of Cody's Crusaders! Make sure you include your mailing address. Married? Not interested in having a cyber date with John? That's okay. We appreciate all the help and donations you can offer. Thank you!
Contest Ends on Valentine's Day
February 14, 2014
3 Lucky Winners!
First Place wins a Cyber date with John
Second and Third Place winners receive a signed book with John on the cover. 
How awesome is that? You can help a young boy and his family AND get a date with a scrumptious cover model! 
Click on any of the images of John to make your donation to Cody and get entered into our Valentine's Show Us Your Heart Contest. Please use the email address Superman530@yahoo.com as the recipient on paypal to make your donations so we may tally the entrants correctly.
JohnValentineweb3.jpg (300×452)
We want you to meet John.
I've met John. He attended the Destiny Blaine Workshop in Tennessee. He was generous, cordial, and a gentleman through and through. He was fun to be with and fun to be around. Ah yes, smart and handsome. What a combination! When John smiles, his whole face lights up and you can't help but smile back. (Of course, the gorgeous body helps quite a bit)  
Hi John! Good to see you again. Laughing 
Q: You have done an immense amount of modeling. Do you remember your first romance cover and your first magazine cover?
A: Yes I do. My first romance cover was Dreams of a Raven Moon. My first magazine cover was for Burn fitness magazine in 2000. WOW! I was just a kid. 

Q: Do you have a favorite?
A: Not really. I am thankful and grateful for all opportunities.

Q: In your opinion, what is the sexiest cover you have done?

A: Probably Dreams of a Raven Moon

Q: I've seen you on a cover where it doesn't look like you have anything on...were you nude?

A: Yep! Haha but obviously for the cover all was strategically placed. 
Q: Is there one that you think back on and go "that did not go as planned"
A: Not really. But I have to say I am very hard on myself. My own worst toughest critic. So it's never good enough for me.
I am a perfectionist. It's a good and a bad thing.
Q: You represent the leading character in a novel, what type of main character would you describe yourself as?
A: Superhero, the ultimate good Samaritan. Save and help people everyday. But also the ultimate man.
Romantic and passionate and always take care of my woman. 

Q: And you would want the leading lady to be?
A: Katie Perry

Q: You were in Playgirl? When?
A: Twice, 2002 and 2008

Q: Did it bother you to take all your clothes off?
A: Yes. It was not easy. Funny thing is they were after me for a long time before I finally said yes.

And to switch questions:
Q: Let's talk about your acting. I can see you in a movie with Sandra Bullock, doing a romantic comedy. Would you go there?  I don't mean with Sandra, because anyone in the right mind would. I would and I can't even act.  Would you do a romantic comedy? Or a Disney film or comedy? (Like the Rock, Dwayne Johnson)
A: Yes of course. I can do it all. I believe I can play any role. That kind of role would be fun!! And Sandra Bullock would be fun too!! Laughing

Q: Any movies or shows you've tried out for lately?
A: Not a lot recently because I'm in the middle of several projects right now. But, after these are wrapped I'll be right back out there looking for more. 

Q: Do you like doing TV or do you prefer movies more?

A: I like them both. But prefer doing movies.
Q: When is "The Knick" coming out and when will "Escaping the Holocaust" be coming out on the History Channel?
A: The Knick and Escaping the Holocaust both in the fall sometime.

Q: Okay, we know I have been in your arms. (blushing) It was very, very nice... I mean, you are very, very fit. You work out twice a day and take care of yourself -- eat healthy. Do you keep a measurement of your sizes?  (Not there, John!--dang you are making me blush again.)  Your arms, legs, waist?
A: Thank you. No I don't. I typically keep track of my weight only. Unless I am getting ready for a role and they need me a certain size.
Which has been the case before.

Q: I recall having a conversation with you last year about your travels. Where have you been and was it because of your modeling and acting?

A: Yes I travel a lot. Typically for work (filming and shoots) and appearances. The past year I've been to Italy, Vegas, Miami, Orlando, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Tennessee, Utah, Toronto, and of course, New Jersey.  
Q: So tell me, what are ten things you love about yourself?

A: Haha now how are you gonna ask me a question like that? I'm confident and offer a lot. Everything. But asking me to list ten things. Girl......You know how humble and down to earth I am. 

Q: What do you look for in a woman?

A: Sweet and down to earth. Caring giving and affectionate. Honesty. Inner beauty first and foremost. Pretty, but she doesn't have to be a model.
Q: Since you don't drink alcohol and I'm sure you aren't exactly looking for a barfly...where and how do you meet women?

 A: No way. I can't stand barfly women. Total turn-off for me. I meet women all over. It's not hard for me. What's hard is finding ONE good one and someone I want to spend my time with. I am extremely selective. Ok, so I typically meet women at the grocery store mall, Doctors offices, flights, vacations, events, and through friends. I do meet women while working- filming or at work events. Though I try not to mix business with pleasure when it comes to my work.

Q: Turn-offs?

JA: Oh boy, where do I start! Laughing. I cannot stand self-centered self-absorbed women. Women all over facebook. That put themselves all out there with "selfies" and cheesy mirror and gym shots. And post all day every day. And write their every move and every thought. Total turn-off. Terrible! Liars. I hate women that lie. Party girls. Women out all the time at bars and clubs. Lazy and messy women. Ok, I'll stop there. 

Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?
A: I believe in lust at first sight. Love? No way! How can you love someone you don't know. Have to know what they offer inside first before using the word love. Sure physical attraction can be powerful. But doesn't equal love.

Q: What do you find sexy on a woman and about a woman, what turns you on?

A: I love nice legs. A pretty face. Nice lips. A good kisser. And all this and her being a sweet caring humble affectionate woman. Would be the best.
Q: Are you the romantic type? A gentleman during the date and a passionate warrior to finish the evening?
A: I am very romantic! And always a complete gentleman. Not just for the first date or two either. Always! I spent 3 years with a girl and opened every door for her from day one til the end.
Passionate warrior for sure! That's what I am. 

Q: What is your idea of a perfect date?
A: Perfect date would be a home cooked dinner at home with some good music and good dessert. A good movie. Some hugs kissing and holding. Fall asleep in my arms all night.

Q: Would you date a woman who is older than you?

A: Yes. I've always liked older women. I have dated many older women. Ask my mom about that one. Funny story. When I was little, probably 12-13 my mom worked a lot. 2 and 3 jobs to support and provide for us. So she hired someone to look after us. A pretty younger girl. I think she was 16 or 17. We fooled around. Haha too funny looking back. I was always ahead of my time. 
It's weird now, I like either much younger than me or older. 
Q: And where do you want to be 5 years from now?
A: I don't really think far ahead like that. I am more of a person that just lives life each day to the fullest.
But I'd like to be in more movies and still doing covers. I've been wanting to open some healthy cafes and restaurants.
So that is something I hope to have going in 5 years. Also, looking into starting a charity of my own and some organizations to help sick children with cancer and their families. I'd like to have someone special in my life and have a baby. But whatever will, will be.

Q: Have you been to any conventions? Planning on any in 2014?  In other words, when will we see you again?

A: Yes I have. And would like to attend more in 2014. Anyone that wants to sponsor me or hire me can contact me to do so. 

Here's the fan question section for you John:

Q: From DeWanna Pace:
 Heroes have flaws, villains have reasons. Since you represent heroes on your covers, what do you consider your flaw?

A: My flaw, that's a tough one. I think people mistaking my kindness for weakness. Sometimes can be too nice and caring. And be taken advantage of.

Q: From Sabrina Devonshire- What are you wearing?

A: Right now as I am being interviewed I am wearing jeans and a tshirt. Nothing exciting. Sorry.

Click on any of the images of John to make your donation to Cody and get entered into our Valentine's Show Us Your Heart Contest. Please use the email address Superman530@yahoo.com as the recipient on paypal to make your donations so we may tally the entrants correctly.
Thank you John and Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Cody Sears Cancer Fund. 
Cody Sears from New Jersey has Stage 3 colon cancer.
Here's the facebook page his Aunt set up for him:
JohnValentineweb.jpg (300×400)
Want to know more about John?   Interview with John Antorino
John's facebook pages:
John's email: Superman530@yahoo.com
John's IMDb page with acting credits and pictures: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3016683/
The new show- Escaping the Holocaust facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Escaping-the-Holocaust/613650468657024